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Whether you're a scuba diver or an open water swimmer, Vobster Quay offers the perfect blend of great fresh-water diving and swimming, first class service and the warmest of welcomes - isn't it time you discovered the UK's friendliest inland diving centre for yourself?

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POSTED: 17th April 2018

ong>After a week of scientific diving talks and exploration, it's time to get back to project Vobster. Marcus has produced not one, but two models here. the highlight is the rarely visited Humber out 'beyond the jesters'. It's a cool dive, 25m ish and easily found from the crushing works. Oh, and by the way, it's clearer and a bit warmer this week! Cheers, Tim

POSTED: 04th April 2018

ong>e are starting our late Thursday opening again from 19th April for swimmers and divers. Out of the water time will be 9pm. Swimmers please note this is not a lifeguarded session.

POSTED: 01st April 2018

You asked for it and we delivered! Vobster Quay is very proud to announce the installation of the very latest addition to our great range of onsite facilities - the world's first underwater loo!

We know there's nothing worse than getting 'caught short' on a dive - an experience that can dampen the spirits (not to mention undersuits) of even the hardiest of diver. To take the pressure of submerged bladders, we've installed a handy habitat with full ensuite facilities right where you need them - underwater! Next time you feel nature calling, just pop across to the Sea King and follow the up line to instant relief :-)

This very exciting new facility is only the beginning. Later this year we plan to install a burger van next to the Jacquin serving a full range of tasty treats. Deco burger at 18m, anyone? We can hardly wait :-)

POSTED: 31st March 2018

ong>Happy Easter from us all here at Vobster Quay! We're pleased to confirm that we'll be open throughout the Easter break - including the Bank Holiday Monday - so why not pop down for a cheeky dive? It's a great way to work off some of those Easter egg calories... don't forget the bunny ears!

POSTED: 20th March 2018

ong>Some years ago we took delivery of a shipment of 10 Jesters from Highbridge Carnival Club. The now form a 'park' at 25m and an excellentdive for AOW and above. Meander through the model here, then book your visit to the real thing! Thanks again Marcus for the expertise and lighting creativity! Cheers, Tim

POSTED: 20th March 2018

It's been a while, so here is the 'post beast' outlook.

First, the easy bit - it is just over 6 degrees throughout the lake, at all depths. Take a degree off if you wear a Suunto.

Second, viz - it was poor in the shallows last weekend (premature mussel spawning), but has cleared up a bit today. Viz at depth good - length of jacquin, width of crushing works, that kind of thing.

Viz at 34m in excess of 10m - wall clearly visible from shot. Poss under 6 degrees here.

Warmer days and nights will increase this, reckon reaching 7 degrees around Easter. Will keep an eye on the mussels for you.

Cheers, Tim

POSTED: 20th March 2018

ong>Action shot from the trydives run by Howard Angel and Ian France - a great day had by everyone. If you are interested in a trydive, or training, please call us on 01373 814666.

POSTED: 19th March 2018

We missed a week last week, with the photogrammetry progress, so this week will be a double helping. Here's an view of all the sections together, something you just cannot see underwater. Very cool, thanks Marcus and Simon. Cheers, Tim


POSTED: 19th March 2018

ong>Tim and Hugo have made it in, with everything functioning. Local roads thawing to slush, but cold weather tonight. Give us a call or email with any queries, bookings etc - great day for admin. Cheers, Tim

POSTED: 18th March 2018

There is at least one staff in, so we are manned. Check advice on driving on your route. Local roads have around 4cm snow at present, driving OK if you respect the conditions.

Off to clear ramp!

Cheers, Tim

POSTED: 14th March 2018

Hearty congratulations to all those who made it on the 2018 VQ Voyage to the Sound of Mull: (in no particular order) Martin Peter, Duncan Roy, Derek Deighton, Godfrey Priest, Adam Harper, Darren Harper, Stu Allen, Antonia Norton and Colin Stratton).

Very special thanks to Bob Anderson and the crew of The MV Halton, who put on a well thought out, safe and wonderfully enjoyable charter.

Without their invaluable help, none of the spectacular diving we have all experienced over the last week would have been possible. We saw wrecked steam ships, deep scenic walls and sunken flying boats, surrounded always by the magical scenery of the west coat of Scotland.

If you're feeling blue that you missed out, free blue no longer; we're going back March 2019. Call now for booking info and end up grinning like these hip cats. All the best, Hugo

POSTED: 12th March 2018

Another dive, another test for the Fourth Element X Core. This time, 74m, 66 min in 6.8 degrees C water. Additional spice supplied by suit inflate cylinder emptying and replaced by suit inflation with some Helium in, plus wet gloves. The full run down of the undersuit is Fourth Element Xerotherm, Arctic Expedition and X core, wrapped up in an Otter Britannic 2. Genuinely high performance and not a battery in sight. #theresnosuchthingasacolddive Cheers, Tim Clements

Most sizes back in stock now - call to order!

Washability - excellent - the grey Xerotherm here has been with me for 16 years and does double duty as caving undersuit, so gets abuse and washing but still works fine.

POSTED: 06th March 2018

ong>It's sketchfab Tuesday again! This week it's the turn of the Vobster Caravan aka Pete's Lurve Shack. An attraction with a colourful past, now sunk at 24m and accessible from the wheelhouse via a line guide. Fancy a varied route back? Carry on to the Poppy, hang a right over the tyres and straight onto the Sea King helicopter.

2018 IS GO!
POSTED: 05th March 2018

Our very popular Autumn swim highlight is back! The spectacular and immensely enjoyable Tribal Glow Swim will take place on Tuesday 25th September 2018 and is sure to be another sell-out event!

With the course lit by the giant illuminated markers and a full moon to light your way, it promises to be a unique way to enjoy an evening swim! A spectacular night, this is a unique, stimulating and visually stunning open water swim experience that you'll never forget. Tickets for this superb event always sell out quickly so don't delay - book today!

For more information - and booking link - visit the TRIbal website at [WEBLINK]

18-04-2018    11:40

Our first Thursday evening late opening kicks off this evening! The sun is shining and the water temperature is rising - there's never been a better opportunity for a cheeky mid-week dive or swim folks so grab your gear and head down to the quayside... last one in buys the burgers!

POSTED: 19th April 2018

Surface water temperature today is 9.8 degrees, however some may even get a 10.0 on their personal thermometers - summer is here.

POSTED: 18th April 2018


After a week of scientific diving talks and exploration, it's time to get back to project Vobster. Marcus has produced not one, but two models here. the highlight is the rarely visited Humber out 'beyond the jesters'. It's a cool dive, 25m ish and easily found from the crushing works.... [more]

POSTED: 17th April 2018

Proud to have contributed to the diving and training of ex Vobster staff member Rachael Priest, from burger van to dive master to IANTD tech diver on scientific diving projects at Heriot Watt. Cheers Tim

POSTED: 12th April 2018

We're loving this gorgeous photo of our new Sea King helicopter captured by pro underwater photographer Jason Brown of BARDOCreative. This and many other stunning images were taken last month for a feature all about the fascinating history of our new attraction in the new issue of Scuba Diver magazine - pick up your free copy in the Vobster shop!

Source: [weblink]

POSTED: 09th April 2018


We are starting our late Thursday opening again from 19th April for swimmers and divers. Out of the water time will be 9pm. Swimmers please note this is not a lifeguarded session.

POSTED: 04th April 2018

Keep the impact of your activities down - save plastic, clean the oceans and buy gear from already recycled plastic. Thanks for showing the way Fourth Element.

POSTED: 02nd April 2018

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