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Stand Up Paddleboarding



Access to experienced SUP board owners will be introduced from the 1st June 2019 three times a week - on Wednesday mornings and Tuesday & Wednesday evenings only. Please see our Summer Opening Hours for further information.

Access to Vobster Quay for SUP owners during these times is subject to these additional terms of entry...

  • All SUP users should wear a suitable buoyancy aid at all times
  • All SUP users should be accompanied by a buddy or spotter at all times
  • Enter and exit the water at the dedicated SUP entry point only
Fancy trying something new? We're very pleased to reveal an exciting new edition to the awesome activities on offer at Vobster - Stand Up Paddleboarding.

In partnership with the good folk at Adventure SUP, we now offer visitors to Vobster Quay the chance to try this exciting sport for themselves. Under the watchful eye of an experienced Adventure SUP instructor, the 'Ready to Ride' 90-minute course will give you the best possible start in your SUP adventure!

During the 'Ready to Ride' course, you'll learn all the essential skills and knowledge you need to get to grips with SUP boarding. You'll learn about the paddleboard and paddle, giving you the knowledge to make educated buying decisions (should you wish to take the sport further). You will move from kneeling on the board to standing up. You'll learn paddle strokes, turns, tricks, have a few games and - if time allows - you can try out a SUP rescue technique!

You don't need to own your own board to take part - the £35 course fee includes use of all equipment, life preserver and wetsuit (if you don't own your own). SUP training is open to anyone 12 years or above.

Ready to start your SUP Adventure?

Stand Up Paddleboarding Sessions run three times a day at weekends only and must be booked in advance through the Adventure SUP website. Book your place now by following this link...

11-07-2019    08:30

Congratulations to another drysuit diver.

Well done Andy for completing the drysuit course this weekend, and to Mark for great DMT work. @otterwatersports #padidrysuit #ukdiving

POSTED: 14th July 2019

Have you met our friendly perch yet? We're loving this awesome video from diver Tony Warner that shows him and his dive buddies getting up close with our resident fish...


POSTED: 10th July 2019

In at the shallow end. RedBare CCR trydives today, led by Hugo. Two excellent dives for the bubble free curious. #redbareccr #vmsrebreathers #iantd #iantduk #solidgreen

POSTED: 07th July 2019

Who is diving at Vobster today?

POSTED: 06th July 2019

The road to IANTD CCR instructor is long and arduous, but when well earned, qualification is celebrated by everyone. Howard 'Hugo' Angel has achieved this pinnacle after a long apprenticeship, in depth knowledge, 100 hours of redBare diving and in excess of 20 evaluated course assist hours. Howard has demonstrated his knowledge with academic, practical and diving tasks, plus completing maintenance and servicing challenges at VMS HQ. #iantduk #redbareccr #vmsrebreathers

POSTED: 02nd July 2019

Comfortable CCR students descending for their qualifying dive on the RedBare CCR. This is what 8 dives and 585 miniutes in the water does - it updates diving skills for CCR, resulting in a stable platform for enjoyable diving #iantduk #redbareccr #vobsterquay #ccrtraining #solidgreen

POSTED: 02nd July 2019

RedBare CCR training at #vobsterquay. Last week we welcomed three new CCR divers to the silent world. Congratulations are due to Mark, Lisi and Eugene completing IANTD Adv Nitrox CCR on the VMS RedBare, ready for 42m and 15 mins deco. the journey is particularly exciting for Howard Angel as he qualified as a CCR instructor at the same time as his long time OC student moved to CCR. we take great pride in repeat training for students and are always proud to be part of a divers' development. #redbareccr #vmsrebreathers #iantduk #solidgreen #ccr Congratulations to Vobster OWSI and CCR diver Bryan Wallbridge qualifying as an IANTD Adv Nitrox CCR supervisor. Many thanks to Marcus Blatchford for the impromptu drone shot!

POSTED: 01st July 2019

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