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There are few other sports where the equipment you use is literally life sustaining - if you spring a puncture on a mountain bike, it isn't going to cost you your life!

Diving equipment, on the other hand, is an entirely different ball game so keeping your kit regularly serviced and in a good state of repair is vitally important.

To keep your equipment working in tip top condition, Vobster Quay can service and repair most items of scuba equipment. From annual regulator servicing to hydrostatic and visual cylinder testing, our servicing department will ensure that your equipment continues to deliver the performance and reliability that you'd expect. Our fully-trained service technicians carry out all servicing and repair work above and beyond current industry standards.

We also offer a repair service for most items of equipment plus neck and wrist seal replacement/leak repairs for drysuits. Why not ask us for a quote? We're sure you'll be pleasantly surprised...

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Kit Servicing Price List

Below you'll find our latest price list for diving cylinder and regulator servicing. Please note that all prices are subject to change without notice - please contact us for specific pricing...

IMPORTANT NOTE: Prices quoted on regulator servicing cover LABOUR ONLY - the cost of parts will be charged separately and may vary between regulator brands and/or models.
Cylinder Servicing Price
Visual Test + Valve Service £ 38.60
Hydrostatic Test + Valve Service £ 48.50
O2 Clean £ 30.70
Visual Test + O2 Clean £ 49.30
Hydrostatic Test + O2 Clean £ 59.20
Twinset Servicing Price
Visual Test + Valve Service £ 74.30
Hydrostatic Test + Valve Service £ 113.90
O2 Clean £ 67.30
Visual Test + O2 Clean £ 98.00
Hydrostatic Test + O2 Clean £ 119.80
Regulator Servicing (LABOUR ONLY - PARTS EXTRA) Price
Regulator Service - 1st + 2nd stage £ 37.60
Regulator Service - 1st + 2nd stage + Octopus £ 55.40
Regulator O2 Clean - 1st stage + primary 2nd £ 49.50
Computer battery change Price
Standard Battery change £ 47.50
Uwatec battery change (3-4 weeks) £ 150
Drysuit Servicing Price
Pair Wrist seals 3-4 weeks (Latex or Neoprene) £ 67.30
Neck seal 3-4 weeks (Latex or Neoprene) £ 67.30
IMPORTANT NOTE: Turn around on all servicing is typically a week to two weeks but some items - drysuits, for example - can take longer to service and/or repair so please check with us first if you need an item serviced and returned to you in a hurry.

Prices correct at date of publication. Note that we reserve the right to change prices at any time - please contact us for latest pricing.

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POSTED: 17th August 2018

Four more divers broaden their experience with the PADI Advanced open water cert. Time to get out there and put it to good use. Enjoy. #padi #aow #vobsterquay #vqdivers #somerset

POSTED: 10th August 2018

Many well deserved congratulations to Victor for his dive master completion this week. It's been a determined journey and we are all proud of the persistence and application Victor has demonstrated. He'll be a first class dive master and a credit to the Vobster team. #vqdivers #padi #divemaster #divemastertraining #newadventures #somerset

POSTED: 10th August 2018

VMS RedBare CCR try dives running today with John Shaw of Shawtek #ccr #iantduk #vmsrebreathers #ccrmadeeasy #newadventures #vqdivers #otterdrysuits

POSTED: 10th August 2018

The VQ team, looking resplendent in their #otterdrysuits, celebrate the end of a #PADI Drysuit diver course. Good work y'all.

POSTED: 06th August 2018

Divers are privileged to see the marine environement first hand - we have a duty to inform others of what we find and protect it from over exploitation. Cheers, Tim

POSTED: 03rd August 2018

Adventures in diving means just that - expanding possibilities and horizons to new dives. Congratulations to everyone completing PADI Advanced Open Water diver this weekend with Pete and Derek. #smilesallround #learntodive #newadventures #padi #vobsteryquay #vqdivers #somerset

POSTED: 31st July 2018

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