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PADI Specialty Courses

How far will you take your diving? It's up to you. With PADI Specialty Diver courses you can get the skills and knowledge you need to do the sort of diving that you want to do.

Your PADI certification opens up the oceans and lakes but the PADI Specialty Diver courses take the underwater adventure to depths that will stir your soul. Achieving PADI Specialty ratings can take anywhere from as little as one day to a full weekend - but this is all hands-on, so you'll be diving right from the start! PADI Specialty Diver courses will give you the skills to:
  • Explore sunken shipwrecks - Learn to safely explore wrecks, gain practical knowledge of the shipwreck environment and raise your awareness of the historical value of wrecks
  • Nail your bouyancy control - Buoyancy skills separate the good divers from the great divers. Learn how to precisely weight yourself for optimum control, poise and balance
  • Never get lost underwater - Become a proficient underwater navigator and learn the skills and techniques that will ensure that you never get lost underwater!
  • Extend your bottom times - Running out of bottom time long before you get low on gas? Master enriched air nitrox and spend more time enjoying the underwater world
  • Go Deeper! - Gain access to dive sites beyond the limits of other divers with the PADI Deep Diver speciality. Learn how to safely dive to a maximum depth of 40 metres
  • Capture the moment - Learn the tricks and techniques required to take great photos underwater and share your discoveries with your non-diving friends and family!

The Black Belt of Scuba Diving!

With five PADI specialties under your belt, you'll be well on your way to achieving the ultimate accolade in recreational diving - the PADI Master Scuba Diver rating.

When combined with the PADI Open Water, Advanced Open Water and Rescue Diver courses with a minimum of 50 dives under your weightbelt, the Master Scuba Diver rating is the highest non professional level in the PADI System of diver education.

The PADI Master Scuba Diving rating shows the world that you have acquired significant training and experience in a variety of dive environments.

Specialty Course List

PADI Drysuit Diver
DURATION: One day course involving a confined training session followed by two open water dives
COST: £185
Wanna stay warm and toasty on a dive? Then dive dry! Unlike a wetsuit, a dry suit seals you off from the outside water so you stay totally warm and dry throughout your dive.

The PADI Drysuit Specialty will give you the skills and knowledge to safely and competently dive in a drysuit. Like the PADI Open Water course, you'll start your education by studying the PADI Drysuit Diver manual at your leisure. Under the guidance of your PADI instructor, the knowledge you gain will be reinforced in the classroom.

The course covers all the essential areas of drysuit diving including bouyancy control, potential hazards as well as a comprehensive discussion of the different types of drysuit and undersuit available. We'll also cover the proper care and maintenance of a drysuit.

PADI Deep Diver
DURATION: Two day course covering four open water dives
COST: £300
The PADI Deep Diver Speciality course will teach you techniques that will make recreational deep diving safe and fun.

You'll learn the theory behind deep diving and complete four open water dives during which you'll take part in the planning and organisation of the dives as well as looking at the procedures and techniques needed for deeper diving. You will learn deep diving limits and how to stay with in them, while gaining valuable experience of diving to a maximum of 40m.

You will find that the PADI Deep Diver training opens the doors to new dive sites and new adventures. Over the course of four dives under the watchful eye of your PADI instructor, you'll get to experience and recognise the effects of nitrogen narcoses first hand, see how depth effects colour and how pressure effects a range of objects at depth. You'll also learn all about being aware of your breathing rates and air consumption at depth, the importance of controlled ascents, safety stops and bouyancy control all come together as the foundations of safe deep diving.

On successful completion of the PADI Deep Diver Speciality, you'll be qualified to dive to a maximum depth of 40m within no stop limits.

PADI Night Diver
DURATION: One evening with three open water dives
COST: £215
The PADI Night Diver speciality course is your introduction to a whole new way of diving, giving you the knowledge and skills to safely and competently conduct night dives with just just a torch and your new found skills to guide you.

You'll learn how to competently plan a night dive and further develop your navigation skills to allow you to find your way around under water without the aid of natural light. You'll also learn all about the specialist equipment needed to conduct night dives with particular attention given to the different types of torch available to the budding night diver. You and your buddy will learn how to communicate underwater and how to effectively deal with the hazards that can be potentially encountered on a night diving.

Through a combination of home study and knowledge review, the PADI Night Diver specialty course involves minimal classroom work with the emphasis placed firmly on practical learning! Over the course of three dives, you'll learn how to safely plan and conduct night dives as you develop your knowledge and experience under the watchful eye of your PADI instructor.

PADI Enriched Air Nitrox Diver
DURATION: One day - theory only
COST: £120 (Dry) / £195 (Wet)
The PADI Enriched Air Diver course is PADI's most popular specialty scuba diving course. Scuba diving with enriched air nitrox gives you more 'no deco' dive time which means more time underwater!

The Enriched Air Diver crewpak includes all required materials to complete PADI's Enriched Air Diver specialty. Upon enrollment, you'll receive the PADI Enriched Air Diver manual that will provide you with the essential knowledge you'll need to safely handle and dive enriched air nitrox mixes to a maximum of 40% oxygen. You'll learn all about the equipment and maintenance considerations of diving nitrox (including all UK-specific regulations) and explore the potential hazards that nitrox diving presents. To maximise the benefits of nitrox diving, you'll also learn how to plan enriched air nitrox dives using the DSAT 32% and 36% dive tables and also track your oxygen exposure using the NOAA Oxygen Exposure table.

Under the supervision of your PADI instructor, you'll learn the correct procedures for safely obtaining nitrox fills. During a number of practical 'hands on' sessions, you'll be shown how to analyse the oxygen content of a nitrox fill using a variety of different oxygen analysers and how to accurately and clearly log and record the readings you obtain.

Performance Buoyancy

DURATION: One day course involving two open water dives
COST: £175
Float effortlessly, drifting over reefs. Be the diver you want to be, with ultimate buoyancy control, able to hover close to the bottom and examine underwater organisms without touching them.

What is neutral buoyancy? Scuba divers like to be neutrally buoyant so they neither sink nor float to the surface. Divers who've mastered the highest performance levels in buoyancy stand apart. You've seen them underwater - they glide effortlessly, use less air and ascend, descend or hover with ease. They interact gently with aquatic life and affect their surroundings minimally. The PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy course refines the basic skills you learned as a PADI Open Water Diver and elevates them to the next level.

Buoyancy skills separate the good divers from the great divers. In the Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty course, you will learn to how to precisely weight yourself for optimum control, poise and balance. You learn to ascend and descend so effortlessly, it seems like you only think about it and it happens. By mastering streamlining, you move through the water cleanly, efficiently and gracefully. You swim near fragile environments without harm to them or yourself.

PADI Wreck Diver
DURATION: Two day course involving four open water dives
COST: £310
Wreck diving means different things to different divers. Some are drawn to the mystery of the ship whilst others see the wreck as an artificial reef where all manner of life congregates and thrives in these man-made niches.

For some divers hovering along the outer surfaces, checking out the ship and the life that know calls it home makes for a wonderful dive experience. For others, however, the adventure lies in penetration...exploring the ship from the inside! To penetrate a wreck is to be in a surreal environment. Stairs go sideways, portholes look at the bottom, companionways that once connected the whole vessel suddenly become dead ends where bulkheads have collapsed. You will be in a place where down is up, left is down and your reel becomes your best friend.

The PADI Wreck Diver Specialty course will teach you the skills and knowledge to safely explore sunken wrecks. You will develop practical knowledge of the shipwreck environment, raise your awareness of the historical value of wrecks and the social and legal issues surrounding that value, and learn skills that will enable you to plan and organize dives to safely explore wrecks within the limits of recreational diving.

PADI Search & Recovery
DURATION: Two day course involving four open water dives
COST: £310
Have you ever dropped something in the water? The PADI Search and Recovery Diver course will teach you effective ways to find objects underwater and bring them to the surface. Small, large or just awkward, there is a way to bring them up.

The PADI Search & Recovery course has it all - not only do you learn the techniques for underwater search patterns and methods to raise missing objects from weight belts to sunken treasure to the surface but it enhances your navigational skills. This course is for divers of all levels and is the perfect companion for the PADI Underwater Navigator Specialty course.

Find lost items and lift them to the surface. Learn how to safely use a lift bag to recover items large and small from the seabed. Not only are these skills fun, but very practical and ultimately useful because eventually, you?ll lose something in the water. As a Search and Recovery Diver, you?ll know how to search for and recover it.

PADI Equipment Specialist
DURATION: One day course - theory only
COST: £120
Whether it's a blown o-ring, regulator problem, wetsuit tear or a broken fin strap, you can learn how to manage basic scuba equipment adjustments.

The PADI Equipment Specialist course teaches you the basics of scuba equipment maintenance, care and adjustments that you'll encounter in every day diving. In addition, you'll learn interesting background information about how your gear works, how it's serviced and a heap load of other information that will help you to take care of your valuable equipment investment.

The more you know about how your dive gear works, the more comfortable you will be with it, the performance you get from it and how to care for it. Become a PADI Equipment Specialist and don't miss a dive due to a scuba gear issue!

PADI Underwater Navigator
DURATION: One day course with three open water dives
COST: £310
Be the diver everyone wants to follow and make your sense of direction legendary with the PADI Underwater Navigator Specialty course.

Finding your way is not a matter of luck! When everyone's buzzing about a reef or checking out a shipwreck, they're having a great time - until it's time to go. Then they turn to you because - as a PADI Underwater Navigator - you know the way back to the boat. Underwater navigation can be challenging, but in the PADI Underwater Navigator Specialty course, you'll master the challenge!

Your Underwater Navigator instructor will teach you about distance estimation, techniques for navigating from natural landmarks as well as compass navigation. You'll practice using basic navigation skills to relocate a submerged object or position starting at the surface, and you?ll learn underwater map making and application and how to use several navigation patterns.

PADI Emergency
Oxygen Provider

DURATION: 4 hours including practical theory
  • First aid and CPR training (recommended)
COST: £100
Be the one ready to help a fellow diver should the need arise by becoming a PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider. Breathe easy knowing that you have the knoweldge and training to recognise illnesses treatable by emergency oxygen.

The Emergency Oxygen Provider Specialty course teaches divers and non divers that emergency oxygen is a useful treatment for many injuries and the primary first aid given to individuals suffering from a near drowning or decompression illness (lung over expansion injuries and decompression sickness). Whether you are a diver or a non diver involved in shore support or in a position to help divers, this course will train you in the proper use of emergency oxygen.

The PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider manual is an important component of PADI's Emergency Oxygen training program. Before class, you?ll review a step-by-step explanation of when and how to provide emergency oxygen. You?ll learn about safety considerations and how to safely assemble and disassemble emergency oxygen equipment. Also provided is a useful 'care-at-a-glance' card that provides a quick reference guide to pack in your gear bag and review in case of an emergency.

Being the best buddy you can be means being prepared - especially in a time of need! Combined with the Emergency Responder and PADI Rescue Diver courses, the PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider course is a must for every diver.

PADI Digital
Underwater Photographer

DURATION: Two days
COST: £450
Photographs are a great way to relive the adventures you've had but without training, the results can often be disappointing.

During the PADI Digital Underwater Photographer Specialty course, you'll learn the essential skills, techniques and knowledge needed to take great photos underwater. Whether you already own a digital camera or not, get snapping!

Underwater photography is one of the most popular diving specialties, and the rise of digital underwater photography has made it easier and more fun than ever. The PADI Digital Underwater Photographer course gets you going quickly with today modern digital equipment, whether you use a point-and-shoot snap camera or a sophisticated D-SLR like the pros.

PADI Surface Marker Buoy
COST: £175
A properly deployed SMB is the only safe alternative to a shotline for controlled ascents. In the tidal currents of the UK, this makes DSMB skills essential for any diver.

This PADI Surface Marker Buoy specialty course covers the knowledge and techniques required for the safe use of Surface Marker Buoys (SMB) and Delayed Surface Marker Buoys (DSMB).

Course theory covers pros and cons of different types of DSMB, while the dives hone your skills to a confident level. Consisting of theory and two dives, this course is a must for any diver who wants to safely dive in UK coastal waters.

11-07-2019    08:30

Congratulations to another drysuit diver.

Well done Andy for completing the drysuit course this weekend, and to Mark for great DMT work. @otterwatersports #padidrysuit #ukdiving

POSTED: 14th July 2019

Have you met our friendly perch yet? We're loving this awesome video from diver Tony Warner that shows him and his dive buddies getting up close with our resident fish...


POSTED: 10th July 2019

In at the shallow end. RedBare CCR trydives today, led by Hugo. Two excellent dives for the bubble free curious. #redbareccr #vmsrebreathers #iantd #iantduk #solidgreen

POSTED: 07th July 2019

Who is diving at Vobster today?

POSTED: 06th July 2019

The road to IANTD CCR instructor is long and arduous, but when well earned, qualification is celebrated by everyone. Howard 'Hugo' Angel has achieved this pinnacle after a long apprenticeship, in depth knowledge, 100 hours of redBare diving and in excess of 20 evaluated course assist hours. Howard has demonstrated his knowledge with academic, practical and diving tasks, plus completing maintenance and servicing challenges at VMS HQ. #iantduk #redbareccr #vmsrebreathers

POSTED: 02nd July 2019

Comfortable CCR students descending for their qualifying dive on the RedBare CCR. This is what 8 dives and 585 miniutes in the water does - it updates diving skills for CCR, resulting in a stable platform for enjoyable diving #iantduk #redbareccr #vobsterquay #ccrtraining #solidgreen

POSTED: 02nd July 2019

RedBare CCR training at #vobsterquay. Last week we welcomed three new CCR divers to the silent world. Congratulations are due to Mark, Lisi and Eugene completing IANTD Adv Nitrox CCR on the VMS RedBare, ready for 42m and 15 mins deco. the journey is particularly exciting for Howard Angel as he qualified as a CCR instructor at the same time as his long time OC student moved to CCR. we take great pride in repeat training for students and are always proud to be part of a divers' development. #redbareccr #vmsrebreathers #iantduk #solidgreen #ccr Congratulations to Vobster OWSI and CCR diver Bryan Wallbridge qualifying as an IANTD Adv Nitrox CCR supervisor. Many thanks to Marcus Blatchford for the impromptu drone shot!

POSTED: 01st July 2019

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