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Vobster Quay offers high quality SCUBA training, trips and skill development for divers of all levels. It will be as much a privilege to guide your first steps into the world of diving as it will be to introduce you to extended range diving, or mentor you as a rebreather or technical instructor. Our aim is to create safe, skilled divers who will enjoy diving our oceans, lakes and rivers.

We offer a full range of recreational diving courses from the world's largest and most respected diver training agency - PADI.

We also offer technical, extended range and instructor training from IANTD, the original technical agency.

Call us to discuss finding the course that's right for you. We can provide training for relaxed holiday diving in the Red Sea to deep wreck expeditions.

Once qualified, join one of our many Vobster Quay trips. We organise guided diving days, weekend trips and week-long expeditions to UK South coast, Scotland, Malta, Norway, France, Egypt and more. From 'critter watching' to exquisite reefs and historic shipwrecks, we'll guide you as you apply your skills and knowledge to achieve your ambitions. Every dive has a story to for you to discover.

We understand divers learn at different rates. Our professional instructors and divemasters have long experience of diver training, meaning we can tailor a programme to match how you learn best.

We strive to deliver courses and trips that are a cut above the rest, ensuring you learn to dive in a friendly, fun and - above all - safe environment.

The Vobster Difference

Learning to dive with Vobster Quay is a great way to start your diving career. As a full-time diving operation with year's of experience behind us, we've put together an unbeatable range of packages with no hidden costs - and that's guaranteed!
  • Professionalism - All our instructors and divemasters are paid - and fully insured - professionals. We do not use amateurs.
  • No Hidden Costs - The price you see is the price you pay and never a penny more. We do not hide additional costs to make our courses look cheaper than they really are.
  • Low Ratios - With our low 4:1 maximum ratio of students to instructors, you're guaranteed individual attention. We don't believe in 'production line' courses.
  • Guaranteed Diving - With our own 36-acre fresh water lake stocked with fascinating dive attractions and thousands of friendly fish, you're guaranteed to dive at Vobster Quay. Diving at Vobster is not weather-dependent.
  • Dedicated Classrooms - All your theory sessions take place in heated classroom facilities with full multimedia facilities.
  • Onsite Facilities - Once you've completed your initial pool training, all facilities are onsite here at Vobster Quay. We won't make you drive for hours just to complete your course!
  • Equipment - We only use modern, regularly serviced and well-maintained dive equipment on all our courses. Your safety and inwater comfort is our paramount concern.
  • Flexibility - We treat everyone as an individual and offer a range of training options to suit every budget and training need. We can even offer one-to-one training!

The Adventure Starts Here...

The PADI system offers a progressive, structured approach to diver training that lets you expand your knowledge, skills and experience at a pace that suits you. The adventure starts here...

PADI Discover Scuba Diving
Dip your toe in the water with a pool based dive. Perfect as a taster session or a gift for a budding diver.

PADI Open Water Diver
Your first proper dives follow pool and theory sessions. This is your first step into a new world. Max depth 18m.

Guided Diving
Develop greater confidence in your new skills accompanied by a divemaster.

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver
Build on your experience with five dives to expand your knowledge and core skills. Extend your depth to 30m.

PADI Rescue Diver
A pivotal step in expanding your knowledge and experience! Learn to look beyond yourself to consider the safety and well-being of other divers, making you the sort of diver that others want to dive with.

Coaching Days
Want some in depth 1:1 tuition on a skill or subject of your choice? Bespoke days available.

PADI Specialties
Want to sharpen up your underwater navigation skills or get to grips with drysuit diving? A PADI Specialty lets you concentrate on the aspects of diving that interest you! We have over thifty available.

Training Schedule

Looking for diver training at Vobster Quay? Here's a list of the courses we've got lined up over the next few months...
Course Name
Start Date
PADI - Referral (Theory &Pool)06 Oct 20182 days 299

PADI - OW (Bronze)06 Oct 20184 days 475

PADI - OW & Drysuit (silver)06 Oct 20184 days 575

Refresher (Pool)06 Oct 20187 Hours 100

PADI - Scuba diver to OW07 Oct 20182 days 300

PADI - Referral (Dives)07 Oct 20182 days 299

Guided Dive (2 dives)11 Oct 20182 Hours 150

Guided Dive (2 dives)12 Oct 20182 Hours 150

PADI - Drysuit13 Oct 20181 day 185

Guided Dive (2 dives)14 Oct 20182 Hours 150

PADI - AOW (Bronze)20 Oct 20182 days 350

PADI - AOW (Bronze)25 Oct 20182 days 350

PADI - Referral (Theory &Pool)27 Oct 20182 days 299

PADI - OW (Bronze)27 Oct 20184 days 475

PADI - OW & Drysuit (silver)27 Oct 20184 days 575

Refresher (Pool)27 Oct 20187 Hours 100

PADI - Referral (Dives)28 Oct 20182 days 299

PADI - Scuba diver to OW28 Oct 20182 days 300

PADI - Referral (Theory &Pool)03 Nov 20182 days 299

PADI - OW (Bronze)03 Nov 20184 days 475

PADI - OW & Drysuit (silver)03 Nov 20184 days 575

Refresher (Pool)03 Nov 20187 Hours 100

PADI - DSD03 Nov 20182 hours 35

PADI - Referral (Dives)04 Nov 20182 days 299

PADI - Scuba diver to OW04 Nov 20182 days 300

PADI - DSD04 Nov 20182 hours 35

PADI - Drysuit10 Nov 20181 day 185

PADI - PPB11 Nov 20181 day 175

Sea Search Observer11 Nov 20181 day 60

PADI - EFR16 Nov 20181 day 135

PADI - Rescue & EFR (silver)16 Nov 20183 days 510

PADI - O2 Admin16 Nov 20184 hours 100

PADI - AOW (Bronze)17 Nov 20182 days 350

PADI - Rescue (Bronze)17 Nov 20182 days 425

PADI - Deep24 Nov 20182 days 300

PADI - Referral (Theory &Pool)08 Dec 20182 days 299

PADI - OW (Bronze)08 Dec 20184 days 475

PADI - OW & Drysuit (silver)08 Dec 20184 days 575

Refresher (Pool)08 Dec 20187 Hours 100

PADI - Referral (Dives)09 Dec 20182 days 299

PADI - Scuba diver to OW09 Dec 20182 days 300

PADI - Divemaster18 Feb 20194 - 26 weeks 800

Refresher (Pool)25 Apr 20197 Hours 100

PADI - Referral (Dives)02 May 20192 days 299

Need more information on the courses we offer? Call us
on 01373 814666 or email us to discuss your training requirements!

12-09-2018    13:30

The lake was on song this morning; long shadows and rising mist signalling the start of Autumn season and all of the beauty this brings. Plenty of diving and swimming to be had though, with the cooler months bringing the best visibility and jaw-dropping scenery like this. Come on down; he water's just fine.



#quarrylakes #lakes #openwaterswimming #quarrydiving #somerset

POSTED: 24th September 2018

Also, if anyone with a deep cert or higher fancies joining me for a weekend's diving out of Plymouth, please give me a call on 01373 814666, as I have one space going on a charter.






POSTED: 17th September 2018

This weekend also saw #iantduk instructor trainer Tim Clements guiding some new #rebreather divers through the final stages of their initial training.


#technicaldiving #vms #redseries #ccrexplorers

POSTED: 17th September 2018

Another successful weekend for the VQ training department, saw Andrea furthering her #padidivemaster programme, seen here giving a dive brief to some #padi #aow students, under the watchful eye of resident instructor Seb. #adventuretraining

POSTED: 17th September 2018

Welcome to TEKCamp 2018!

Good morning campers, we are official open for TEKCamp 2018 - check out the awesome t-shirts created exclusively for us by Fourth Element!

POSTED: 03rd September 2018

Over the past two days, Amy, Dan, Simon and Luke have been completing their Open Water and Drysuit Speciality courses. From a 'clean slate' on day one, through to planning their final qualifying dive and post-dive victory celebrations! Well done all. Pete. #PADI #paditv #scubadiving #ukdiving #explore #quarrylakes #westcountry #vqdivers @ Vobster Quay Inland Diving Centre

POSTED: 31st August 2018

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