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ISSUE 46: JUNE 2012

Tim Clements
Vobster Quay Manager

A quick post dive peep at the news reveals that the world is, yet again, on the brink of collapse. Whether you think the cause is greedy financialists, incompetent politicians, bad luck, dodgy retsina or simply the sky falling in, it is unlikely we can bury our heads in bad viz and hope it all goes away.

Maybe we should have our own currency, just for diving, to 'ringfence' problems away from us. It could be called the 'paddy' or the 'geuro' perhaps - but imagine what would happen at diving's central bank as soon as some good diving conditions rolled in. 'Quantitative bubbling' anyone?

A better approach might be to look after the bits of the world we know most about - the seas around our coast and the services that keep them safe for everyone to use. At the moment, the Marine Bill is bogged down, cuts affect the coastguard and hard boats get business cancelled by the weather. These can all be supported by divers online and by the simple mantra 'keep calm and carry on diving'...

Cheers - Tim

It's no secret that we're big fans of closed circuit rebreathers here at Vobster Quay - at the last count, no fewer than five staff members have gone 'bubble-free' in the last two years alone...

Rebreathers have opened up a whole new dimension in diving, offering the ultimate in gas-efficient 'no bubbles' diving for recreational and technical divers alike. By recycling the gas that we exhale, rebreathers are super-efficient gas management tools that use a fraction of the gas used by conventional open circuit divers. The benefits don't stop there, either - more efficient decompression and the thermal benefits of breathing warm gas are not to be ignored!

Whether you're seriously looking to go bubble-free or simply want to discover what all the fuss is about, we're offering divers the opportunity to get the low down on these fabulous devices between the 9th - 13th July.

Running alongside TEKCamp 2012, divers will get the chance to learn all about how rebreathers work, their benefits, hazards and - of course - you'll also get to take a state of the art Sentinel rebreather for a dive under the watchful eye of an experienced CCR technical instructor. Regarded as one of the most advanced rebreathers on the market, the Sentinel CCR is a fabulous unit to dive.

Take a Sentinel rebreather for a dive!

Try dives cost £75 and are available between the 9th - 13th July, you will receive a talk on rebreathers, confined water dive, and a propper 12m dive. You must be Rescue Diver or above to take these try dives. Spaces are very limited so book now to avoid disappointment - to book your try dive, call us on 01373 814666 now.

TEKCAMP 2012 - SAVE £100
It's less than a month until TEKCamp 2012 kicks off and we can't wait - this year's event promises to be even bigger and better than last year with the 'crème de la crème' of technical diving lined up to deliver five solid days of dive coaching, talks and fun.

Tickets to TEKCamp 2012 are all but sold out but - due to a small number of cancellations - we've got three deposit-paid tickets up for grabs. With the deposit already paid on these tickets, we're offering them at a very special price of just £475 each - a saving of £100. You'll get the full deluxe coaching package consisting of NINE inwater coaching sessions with some of the biggest names in technical diving!

Whether you're a budding techie or just want to become a more confident and capable diver, TEKCamp 2012 is not to be missed. Regardless of your experience or certification level, our talented team of top technical diving instructors will help you to achieve your diving goals - from pin-point buoyancy control and streamlined trim to greater confidence and inwater ability, TEKCamp 2012 will make you a more capable, more confident and far safer diver!

TEKCamp 2012 attendees will get unrivalled access to some of the biggest names in technical diving from the leading training agencies including IANTD, TDI, GUE, SSI and PADI TECREC. Attendees will also get the chance to try a few new dive experiences too - you can try dive a state of the art closed circuit rebreather, discover the effortless joys of sidemount diving or go for a spin on a diver propulsion vehicle. All this and more is on offer at what promises to be a fabulous week...

Become a better diver at TEKCamp 2012!

Be quick though as we've only got THREE of these special deposit-paid tickets available. Call us between 9am and 5pm on 01373 814666 to snap yours up before they're gone! For more information, visit the TEKCamp 2012 website.

TEKCamp 2012 may be in full swing during the week of the 9th - 13th July but that doesn't mean that we've forgotten the rest of you! Rest assured that Vobster Quay will be open for business as usual throughout the TEKCamp week for day divers, clubs and dive schools alike. Gas, air, food, servicing and our signature friendly welcome will all be functioning normally.
Also why not visit our exhibitors (Hollis, VR, Apeks, Aqualung, Santi, Halcyon, Atomic, Diverite and more) who will be displaying their best goodies from Tuesday to Friday.

'If everybody looked the same, we'd get tired of looking at each other'. I'm not suggesting Groove Armada inspired Hydrotech to create the Predator 2 technical drysuit, but this is a suit with the credentials to push a few familiar brands off dive boats.

We see a lot of drysuits here at Vobster Quay but this new model has really blown our socks off - the sound of jaws dropping echoed around the lake for hours! When Hydrotech designed the new Predator 2, they really did their homework. Working with some of the biggest names in technical diving over the last three years, the clever folk at Hydrotech designed a suit that takes all the best features of the industry's leading drysuits and knocks them all into a cocked hat - nothing else on the market even comes close!

Cut from 1.5mm compressed neoprene for minimal buoyancy change at depth, the Hydrotech Predator 2 drysuit offers unrivalled flexibility thanks to its use of the highest grade Japanese neoprene material. Hand made here in England, performance inhibiting seams are reduced with a genuine human shape achieved to give exceptional freedom of movement.

Suitably vast pockets, a curved front entry zip option, attached hood and dual seals mark this suit as bespoke for UK diving. Coupled with a wide range of off the peg sizes with the option of a 'made to fit' or 'made to measure' service ensure the fit can be perfect, delivering unrivalled buoyancy and trim control.

Cut a dashing figure on the dive boat

Available in both front and rear entry with the option of either a metal or superb flexible plastic zip, prices start at £795 for the rear entry suit with a single pocket, knee pads, latex neck and dual wrist seals.

Introductory Offer!
We're offering divers the opportunity to pick up a 'made to fit' suit, hand made just for you, for the same price as the 'off the peg' suit. The 'made to fit' service allows +/- 3 inch adjustments to be made to the arms and legs to ensure proper fit.

It's time to put a big circle in your diary around the 15th December for Vobster Santas 2012. Last year we raised over £10,000 for the RNLI and set a new record of 161 Santa divers in the water at once - with your help, we know we can do even better!

With coastguard stations under threat we need the RNLI more than ever so this is your chance to give something back and have a bit of fun whilst you're at it! Vobster will be running a prize raffle and our 'Round to a Pound' scheme from September onwards, making our usual large donation and generally providing limitless encouragement to everyone. If you happen to be away, why not follow the example of Calne divers last year with a Santa diving event of your own, wherever you are?

Portland coastguard is under threat of closure. Coordination of rescue for one of the UK's busiest diving and watersports regions is set to be handled remotely, which cannot be good for response time or getting local knowledge on the case. Visit this link and sign the e-petition to add your voice to the protest over the closure of Portland, Brixham and the other stations in diving areas of the UK.

Irony and descriptions of viz and diving seem to go hand in hand. It rains - viz goes down. The sun shines - viz goes down. Cloudy stormy weather - too rough to get in. This Spring, Vobster bucked the trend - we had great viz during the rain. Now, the zebra mussels are spawning again, so the viz is back down between 6-7 metres from top to bottom. Look very carefully and the 'murk' is alive with larvae munching on phytoplankton. Look again and there are dramatic shoals of perch and roach around, especially around the aircraft, crushing works and confined water area.

Finding somewhere to kit up is now even easier with the addition of over 40 square metres of extra kitting up space. Built out of solid scaffolding and wooden planking, our new kitting up benches have been popping up around site near all the water entry points.

If you too like to play with the latest in dive gear then do not miss the Fourth Element and Suunto Demo Days on the weekend of the 23rd - 24th June. You'll get the chance to take their latest gear for a dive and representatives from both companies will be on hand to answer your questions.
PADI will also be here giving out free cups of tea and Coffee, so come and have a chat !!

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