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Here you'll find a treasure trove of useful, informative and - more to the point - FREE stuff you can download onto your computer that will make your visit to Vobster as fun and enjoyable as possible. For first-time visitors, we recommend you download our brochure - it's packed with useful and informative info to get you started...

To download anything on this page, just scroll down through the cool stuff listed below, click on the Download: link for the file you want and the Vobster Quay internet pixies will do the rest...

PLEASE NOTE - In order to view and/or print the documents listed on this page, an Adobe Acrobat compatible viewer utility must be present on your personal computer. If you do not have one installed, we recommend Foxit Reader for Windows.

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Vobster Quay Brochure
Discover just how wonderful we are!
Find out for yourself why Vobster Quay is such a cracking place to dive with our new full colour brochure. Includes lots of pretty colour photos, a bucket load of useful information and - to top it off nicely - a full colour map showing how to find us and a map of what you'll find in the lake...

Download: brochure.pdf (2.24Mb)

Informative stuff...

Dive Attraction Map
Still can't find the crushing works?
Even if you're a seasoned visitor to Vobster Quay, a good map of the underwater topography and attractions will help you get the most out of your visits. After pain-staking research, we've designed this useful map which shows the locations of all our major dive attractions...

Download: vobstermap.pdf (557k)

Dive Attraction Bearings
Good with a compass? You need this...
Even in the clearest visibility, it's easy to get lost underwater. With a laminated copy of these bearings and a good compass strapped to your arm or mounted in your regulator console, though, you'll never get lost again.

Download: vobsterbearings.pdf (151k)

Regional Map
Don't get lost on your next visit!
Unless you've got the navigational skills of a particularly clever homing pigeon with a GPS tucked under its wing, we appreciate that Vobster Quay isn't the easiest place in the world to find. With this handy map of the south of England, though, finding us needn't give you a headache...

Download: map-regional.pdf (2.29Mb)

Local Map
Not sure which way to turn?
You're close... very close. So close, infact, that you can almost smell the bacon baps in the air! Still can't find us, though? Well, you can either use your sense of smell to 'sniff' your way in or - better still - go prepared by downloading this detailed map before you leave home...

Download: map-local.pdf (1.61Mb)

Terms & Conditions of Entry
Dull legal stuff that you need to know...
Lawyers, eh - who needs 'em! Unfortunately, they insisted that we upload our terms & conditions of entry to 'cover our a*ses' (the correct legal term, apparently). Read it, understand it and fall asleep (probably). Why can't we all just get along, eh? Life would just be so much easier...

Download: terms&conditions.pdf (264k)

Essential forms...

Signing In Form
Fast track entry made easy!
Want to get through the gates at Vobster and into the water in double quick time? Easy! Just download, print and fill out these forms, bring them along with you on the day and you'll be through the gates and in the water in no time! Don't forget you must fill out and sign *BOTH* copies...

Download: signinginform.pdf (318k)

Quay Registration Form
Get discounts galore and a warm fuzzy feeling...
If you plan to visit Vobster Quay more than four times in the space of twelve months then download this form now! For a small annual membership fee, you can become a Vobster member and enjoy a raft of handsome benefits including a discounted entry fee, reserved parking, access to special events and more!

Download: registration.pdf (368k)

Group Booking Form
Fast track your students through the gate...
Thinking about turning up in a large group? Save time spend filling out entry forms by filling in this very useful group booking form before you arrive. Just wave the completed form under our gate staff's noses and they'll speed you through the gates faster than a speeding halibut...

Download: groupbooking.pdf (317k)

22-11-2018    12:23


Stuck for something to do this weekend? Why not join us this Sunday for our festive annual Santa dive? There's still time to get involved - just pop across to [weblink] and sign yourself up!

The day promises to be packed with festive cheer and laughs. Anyone can get involved -... [more]

POSTED: 14th December 2018


Keep your kit clean and dry in even the toughest conditions with this superb KUBI dry bag donated by the good folk at KUBI Dry Glove Systems.

Built to withstand water, mud and just about anything the elements can throw at it, this natty looking drybag is as tough as... [more]

POSTED: 14th December 2018


Think stainless steel diving products made to last and just one name springs to mind - Kent Tooling Diving Products! Purveyors of all things shiny, we've got three £50 gift vouchers to give away in our Vobster Santas raffle draw this Sunday.

Kent Tooling's extensive range of engineered diving products includes... [more]

POSTED: 14th December 2018


We're just a couple of days away from Vobster Santas 2018 so we've created a very handy guide packed with all the essential info you need to attend.

Pop across to [weblink] and read up! Here you'll find everything you need to know to get the most out of Vobster Santas.... [more]

POSTED: 13th December 2018


How's this for a star prize? Thanks our good friends at Apeks, one very lucky Santa raffle ticket holder will think Christmas has come early when they pick up this rather gorgeous prize - a shiny new Apeks DS4 + ATX40 regulator!

This high-performance regulator boasts an over-balanced first stage coupled... [more]

POSTED: 13th December 2018


We'll be sending out a very important email to all registered Santa divers tomorrow packed with useful info you won't want to miss. To ensure that you get this all important email, you must REGISTER your attendance with us!

Registering for Vobster Santas costs nothing and takes just a few seconds... [more]

POSTED: 12th December 2018


Need a regulator hose that can stand up to the rigours of even the toughest environments? You need XT-Tech from Miflexhoses!

The XT-Tech series of medium pressure hoses offer technical divers additional safety with Kevlar reinforcement in the inner braiding, combined with a smooth outer PU layer. The XT-Tech series of... [more]

POSTED: 12th December 2018

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