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You can join either by post or onsite at Vobster Quay. Just pop into the dive shop and fill out a membership application form - you'll get your card when you sign out...

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To take advantage of member benefits - discounted entry, for example - you will need to present this card to our staff to prove that you are a current member. This is vitally important as we may not always have time to look you up in our records!

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If you wish to book reserved parking over the telephone, you need only tell us your name and the membership number that is written on your membership card.

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Please note that the discounts offered on servicing and retail sales cannot be used in conjunction with other offers.

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Quay membership runs from the date you join for a period of 12 months. After this period, your membership will need to be renewed.

We reserve the right to change the terms and benefits of membership without notice.

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If you're one of the many regular visitors to Vobster Quay then you'll already appreciate the heady mix of top class diving and high quality services that Vobster Quay has to offer. As a special 'thank you' we've created something that we think regular visitors like yourself will find hard to resist - the Quay Membership Scheme.

For an annual fee of just 35, visitors to Vobster Quay can take advantage of a host of exclusive benefits which - over the 12 month period that quay membership runs - can add up to some serious savings! Note that quay membership runs from the date you join for a period of 12 months. Once this membership period has elapsed, your membership will expire. You can, of course, renew your membership whenever you wish.

Anyway, that's enough of the dull marketing chatter - let's cut to the chase and talk about what's in it for you! As a paid-up member of Vobster Quay, you'll enjoy these exclusive benefits...
  • Discounted Entry Fee - Join up and save money every time you visit Vobster Quay! Instead of paying the normal rate of £17.00 for site entry, Vobster Quay members can benefit from discounted entry.

  • Preferential Parking - Worried that you won't get a good waterside parking space at weekends and bank holidays? No problem - take the strain out of your visit by booking yourself a cushy spot in the bottom waterside car park the day before your visit! You'll be the envy of your diving pals...

    Please note that reserved parking is subject to availability and limited to one vehicle space per member. Reserved parking must be booked at least 24 hours in advance - we recommend that you call us during office hours on a Thursday or a Friday to reserve parking for the weekend. Parking reservations will only be accepted upon receipt of a valid in-date membership number so have your membership card to hand!

  • 10% Servicing Discount - Take the sting out of periodic regulator and cylinder servicing and all equipment repair costs with a generous 10% discount exclusively for Vobster Quay members! That's money in the bank... kerching!
  • Up to 15% Retail Discount - Bag yourself a bargain in the Vobster Quay dive shop with an extra discount off our already keen prices on some of the best brands in dive equipment. Whether you're in the market for a new set of regulators, a state of the art Halcyon wing system or a toasty new Fourth Element undersuit, your exclusive members-only discount will make our prices even keener!
  • 10% Gas Discount - Even more reason to trade up to Nitrox and Trimix, with 10% off our already keen gas prices!
    Just remember to put all of you gas and air on your tab to make use of this excellent benifit.

  • Regular Newsletter - Get the skinny on what's new, hip and happening at Vobster Quay with our newsletter sent straight to your email inbox. Packed with news, special offers and gossip, keeping your finger on the pulse has never been easier...

  • Special Events - Look out for special 'members only' events in the future! We've got some big plans...

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Sounds too good to be true? - don't you believe it! All you have to do to become a member of Vobster Quay is to download and fill out the application form by clicking on the picture of the form shown opposite.

In order to view and print out the application form, you'll need to install a utility to display files stored in Adobe Acrobat format. We recommend Foxit Reader for Windows.

Once you've printed off, filled out and signed your completed Quay Membership application form, send it along with a cheque for 35 made payable to Vobster Diving Ltd to the following postal address...

Vobster Diving Ltd
Vobster Quay Diving Centre
Upper Vobster
Radstock, Somerset

20-03-2018    12:00

We're loving this awesome video of our new Sea King helicopter dive attraction created by Youtuber Jerriarchie. We love your work, Jerri!

Why not join us this weekend and discover this exciting new dive attraction for yourself! :-)

View the video - [weblink]

POSTED: 22nd March 2018

If you have been 3D curious about photogrammetry, now is the time to explore for yourself. 3D models can be produced with basic cameras with good lighting and steady diving - this course will discuss all aspects of acquiring images for photogrammetry while diving, along with guidance on equipment upgrades you could consider.

POSTED: 22nd March 2018

Develop diving photogrammetry skills with Simon Brown and Tim Clements. Three days discovering the basics of photogrammetry, discussion about camera / lighting rigs and supervised dives to acquire data and create your own single chunk 3D models. You don't need high end camera gear, computers or technical diving skills, just curiousity and enthusiasm to gain new and rewarding skills. Please call 01373 814666 and ask for Tim for more details or email training@vobster.com

POSTED: 22nd March 2018

Congratulations to Karlos Moodster for the successful completion of his PADI Advanced Open Water, Enriched Air and SMB Diver courses. He is now ready to tackle the briskest of British diving conditions in safety and style, whilst having a jolly good time too, it would seem.

Safe adventuring to you all. Hugo

#PADI #scubadiving #ukdiving #outdoorpursuits #adventure #otterwatersports #vobsterquay #highqualitytraining

POSTED: 22nd March 2018

Thanks for your support Emma Hewitt, lovely to see you again and thanks for the 15 years award! Looking forward to a great summer here at sunny Vobster.

POSTED: 21st March 2018


Some years ago we took delivery of a shipment of 10 Jesters from Highbridge Carnival Club. The now form a 'park' at 25m and an excellentdive for AOW and above. Meander through the model here, then book your visit to the real thing! Thanks again Marcus for the expertise and... [more]

POSTED: 20th March 2018


It's been a while, so here is the 'post beast' outlook.

First, the easy bit - it is just over 6 degrees throughout the lake, at all depths. Take a degree off if you wear a Suunto.

Second, viz - it was poor in the shallows last weekend (premature mussel spawning),... [more]

POSTED: 20th March 2018

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