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Welcome to Vobster Quay - the UK's friendliest inland diving centre. Whether you're a certified diver looking for some fresh water fun or completely new to diving, Vobster Quay has something to offer...

For certified divers, there's no better place to hone your diving skills and have fun than at Vobster Quay. With 36-acres of fresh water diving in depths ranging from 6m to 36m, divers of all levels will find the heady mix of exciting underwater attractions and a full range of diving support services hard to resist.

Beneath the lake waters you'll find a fabulous array of attractions just waiting to be discovered. Divers can explore the wreck of a large commercial aircraft, a 42ft motorcruiser, two metal wheelhouses, our famous Crushing Works - a towering structure the size of a 2-storey house - and even a spooky concrete-lined tunnel that's not for the faint hearted!

Got an question about Vobster Quay? Below you'll find a mountain of information to help you get the most out of your visit to Vobster Quay. If you need further help, though, do not hesitate to get in touch - send us an email to info@vobster.com or call us on 01373 814666.

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Vobster Quay Opening Hours...

Planning a trip to Vobster Quay? Please note that Vobster is open for business seven days a week - including bank holidays - between the following times...

Spring & Autumn
25th April - 31st May
1st Sept - 31st Oct
1st June - 31st August
1st Nov - 24th April

Entry Fees...

We like to think that a day at Vobster Quay offers superb value for money - where else can you enjoy a full day of diving fun and banter and still have change for your bus fare home?

Unlike traditional diving centres, we don't charge 'per dive' - you merely pay an entry fee onto the site and for the rest of the day (normal operating hours apply), you're free to make as many dives as you desire. Once you're signed in, there's no need to carry cash around either - we operate a tab system onsite so you only need settle up at the end of your diving day. Below you'll find details of the entry fees - please note that these fees are subject to change without notice...

For regular visitors to Vobster Quay, we offer entry at a discounted rate via our Quay Membership Scheme. For a small annual membership fee, members gain access to a host of discounts including a reduced entry fee and discounts on food, gas and retail purchases.
For dive instructors accompanied by four or more students, we offer FREE ENTRY. Better still, the more students you bring along, the more of your staff gets in for free and we'll even carry across unused student 'credits' to your next visit! For more information on the benefits that we offer dive instructors, visit our page detailing services for dive schools, clubs and instructors.

Between the Spring/Summer months - season starts - through to the end of October, we also offer divers the opportunity to take advantage of our evening diving session every Thursday. Our gates will remain open until 21:30 with last divers out of the water by 21:00. Note that day divers who wish to stay on after 17:00 to take advantage of these extra hours of diving will be required to pay an additional entry fee.

Diver£ 21.00£ 15.00
Spectator£ 0.00£ 0.00
Swimmer£ 8.75£ 6.25
Afternoon Diver (midweek after 1pm)£ 10.50£ 9.00
Evening Diver (after 5pm Thurs Eve BST)£ 10.50£ 9.00

Emergency Information

In the event of an emergency, please inform a member of the Vobster Quay staff immediately. Our staff are there to assist you. ALL injuries - no matter how minor you think they are - must be reported to a member of our staff.

Vobster Quay employs a very simple diver recall signal that you should listen out for at all times when underwater. In the event of an incident that requires all divers to exit the water, a member of our staff will pound a heavy object against one of the metal ladders located at the water's edge. If you hear this signal, make a safe ascent and leave the water by the nearest safe exit.
Nearest Telephone Shop, Office and Main Building
Waterside staff have a radio link to the main building
Emergency Services Dial 999
Site GPS Coordinates 2 ° 25 ' 28 '' W
51 ° 14 ' 44 '' N
Specialist Hyperbaric Advice The Diver Clinic, Poole
DDRC, Plymouth
London Diving Chamber, London
Haslar Naval Hospital, Gosport
Royal Navy Doctor
Aberdeen Royal Infirmary
07770 423637
01752 209999
07940 353 816
02392 584255
07831 151523
0845 408 6008
DAN: Divers Alert Network Emergency
0870 8719999
0870 8728888
Nearest A&E Hospital Royal United Bath 01225 428331
Oxygen Therapy Units Inside shop - main building
First Aid Kit Inside shop - main building

Environmental Features...

Vobster Quay offers the very best in fresh water inland diving but what's it really like below the surface? Below you'll find a detailed breakdown of the environmental features of the lake...
Water Type Fresh water, non-tidal
Temperature Minimum
3 °C / 37 °F
18 °C / 64 °F
10 °C / 50 °F
Visbility Minimum
< 1 metre
> 20 metres
Visibility Effectors Silt disturbance, algae bloom and/or rainfall 'wash'
Depth Range Minimum
6 metres
36 metres
12 - 24 metres
Bottom Composition Rock & Limestone silt
Underwater Obstructions Quarry buildings (various)
Subterranean tunnel
Aircraft wreckage (various)
Vehicle wreckage (various)
Training platforms (various)
Steel cables

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