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More tea, vicar? This diver takes a much needed mid-dive tea break...

The industrial tumble drier in 12m makes for a fun little swimthru!

An array of weird and wonderful objects litter the lake bed.

A small boat wreck lies between the 6m and 9m training platforms.

Tuck those danglies in and watch out for your cylinder valve!

Attraction information...

Miscellaneous Attractions
Various between 12m and 36m
Dotted around the bottom of the lake you'll find a host of different objects that - whilst not always significant enough to warrant their own marker buoy - are sure to add interest to any dive...

Resting between the tail section of the aircraft and the Crushing Works, for example, you'll find the remains of a large industrial tumble drier (pictured above) which provides a surprisingly entertaining swim thru - just make sure your buddy doesn't hit the 'spin cycle' button whilst you're passing through it! Make sure you tuck all your 'danglies' in too and watch out for your cylinder valve - other divers can hear the inevitable 'clonk' from a mile off!

The swim-thru fun doesn't stop there, though - not far from the tumble drier you'll find three massive 7-tonne concrete pipes that have been placed in the lake near the Crushing Works. Measuring 2.5m long and over 2m in diameter, these enormous drainage pipes were donated to the site by our friends at CPM Group Ltd. Sat at a depth of just 12m, divers of all levels can 'play hamster' as they swim in and out of these fun concrete tubes.

If you're milling around by the 6 and 9m training platforms (buoys 1 and 2), check out the boat wreck - it's small but well worth a visit! For visiting dive schools, this small but perfectly formed boat makes an ideal point of interest for students on their first training dives, lying as it does within just a couple of fin kicks from both platforms.

Also worth looking out for are various bicycles, a metal water container near the centre section of the aircraft (24m) and even the old quarry safe that lies sad and forgotten near the tail section of the aircraft! We still haven't worked out the combination...

Diving facts...

Min Depth Various

Max Depth Various

Location Refer to map

Bearings Download them HERE

Interesting Bits Spin Dryer near aircraft tail section
Massive concrete pipes near Crushing Works

Hazards Loss of visibility, protruding metal, depth
entanglement, overhead environment

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In June 2018, the world held its breath as a team of elite cave divers from across the globe flew in to Thailand to locate and rescue members of a junior soccer team trapped deep underground by rising water in the Tham Luang Nang Non cave. With the eyes of... [more]

POSTED: 17th August 2018

Four more divers broaden their experience with the PADI Advanced open water cert. Time to get out there and put it to good use. Enjoy. #padi #aow #vobsterquay #vqdivers #somerset

POSTED: 10th August 2018

Many well deserved congratulations to Victor for his dive master completion this week. It's been a determined journey and we are all proud of the persistence and application Victor has demonstrated. He'll be a first class dive master and a credit to the Vobster team. #vqdivers #padi #divemaster #divemastertraining #newadventures #somerset

POSTED: 10th August 2018

VMS RedBare CCR try dives running today with John Shaw of Shawtek #ccr #iantduk #vmsrebreathers #ccrmadeeasy #newadventures #vqdivers #otterdrysuits

POSTED: 10th August 2018

The VQ team, looking resplendent in their #otterdrysuits, celebrate the end of a #PADI Drysuit diver course. Good work y'all.

POSTED: 06th August 2018

Divers are privileged to see the marine environement first hand - we have a duty to inform others of what we find and protect it from over exploitation. Cheers, Tim

POSTED: 03rd August 2018

Adventures in diving means just that - expanding possibilities and horizons to new dives. Congratulations to everyone completing PADI Advanced Open Water diver this weekend with Pete and Derek. #smilesallround #learntodive #newadventures #padi #vobsteryquay #vqdivers #somerset

POSTED: 31st July 2018

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