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Diving Facts
MIN DEPTH: 21 metres
MAX DEPTH: 25 metres
LOCATION: Far Side of Lake
  • Interior fittings

  • Protruding metal
  • Overhead environment
  • Loss of visibility
  • Entanglement
  • Depth

Dive Attractions Map
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Attraction Information

Pete's Lurve Shack - aka the Vobster Quay Caravan - is lowered into the water...

Live it up in luxury inside this fully-equipped caravan - all mod-cons provided!

Divers with suitable penetration training will enjoy exploring inside the caravan...
If you're travelling to Vobster Quay and require somewhere to stay overnight, there are plenty of hotels and bed & breakfast accommodations in the local area that will be happy to put you up for the night.

For those looking for something a little different, though, be sure to check out Vobster Quay's very own onsite accommodation... Pete's Lurve Shack.

Donated by a former Vobster Quay staff member, Pete's Lurve Shack is a fully-equipped caravan that now lies submerged in the lake at a maximum depth of 25 metres. With lovely views of the lake and all mod cons, we regret that the damp-proofing isn't what it used to be. For divers in need of a quick stop over, though, it's well worth a visit.

To allow easy penetration for the suitably qualified, we've increased the height of the main window at the front of the caravan. Inside you'll find a lot of the original fittings still in place including a cooker, sink and even a shower! Now consigned to the depths of Vobster Quay, visiting Pete's Lurve Shack is more fun than a week in Skegness.

Unless you're trained and comfortable inside a confined space, we strongly recommend that you peer in through the windows rather than enter the caravan directly - leave the 'big push' to those more qualified to do so. We recommend a torch too - it can get pretty dark in there!
SAFETY FIRST: Only very experienced divers with overhead environment training should enter the caravan. Movement inside both is very restrictive and the cold, darkness and depth can be very disorientating. If in doubt, DO NOT ENTER!

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Another beautiful day at Vobster Quay. A lite dusting of snow, but open as usual :)

POSTED: 13th January 2017


Greetings from Antarctica! Yes folks, diving through the winter might not be everyone's Slush Puppy but for one Vobster staffer, the colder the better! And when we say cold, we mean ANTARTICA COLD!

When he's not looking after you all down at the Quayside, our very own Josh Yates moonlights as... [more]

POSTED: 10th January 2017

Happy New Year!

As we near the end of another year, we'd like to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy new year! We've got this feeling that 2017 is going to be a lot of fun with some big plans afoot down here in the Vobster shire. We look forward... [more]

POSTED: 31st December 2016

Happy faces all round winning great prizes from Santi, Fourth Element, Otter, Miflex, Apeks, Suunto, Light for Me, Vobster and Vobster Marine Systems. Massive thanks to all donations from our suppliers - the total raised for the Air Ambulance was £1500. Many thanks, Tim

POSTED: 31st December 2016

Thanks to George Birch for this excellent video of the viz this week, including the 'tape measure science' that puts a firm number of 15m on the viz.

Have a most excellent diving New Year everybody. This kicks off the Vobster diving for 2017 in form style!

Cheers, the Vobster Team

POSTED: 31st December 2016

The adventurous homebuild chaps were out in force yesterday. Cheers, Duncan Price Maxwell Fisher and Connor Roe.

POSTED: 31st December 2016

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