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  • Classic Humber Sceptre
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  • Entanglement
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Flooded quarries seem to attract dumped vehicles and Vobster Quay is no exception. From the wreckage of an upturned lorry to a classic 1969 Humber Sceptre, Vobster has its fair share of motorised dive attractions...

Two of the wrecks were deliberately placed in the lake as dive attractions but the remaining vehicles have a far more mysterious past - lucky their occupants decided not to stay with their vehicles...

The lake is home to no fewer than four car wrecks (that we know of, at least) plus an upturned lorry wreck that can be found up in the far right hand corner of the lake lying in just 10 metres of water.

Although it's a long swim, the lorry is worth checking out purely for novelty value. If you're lucky enough to own a DPV then the truck makes a great dive - just follow the lake around with the wall on your right shoulder at a depth of about 8 metres and you should find it...

The two most recent additions to our growing collection of submerged motor vehicles is a Vauxhall Astra that you'll find at the bottom of the 26 metre pit infront of the quayside and a Ford Escort parked with its nose against the wall near the tail section of the aircraft. Although the doors and rear tailgates on both vehicles can be opened, we strongly advise against any diver attempting to enter these vehicles - look but don't enter!

The more adventurous may stumble across the wreck of a surprisingly well-preserved 1969 Humber Sceptre parked smack bang in the centre of the 25 metre area. Quite how it got there is still a mystery but you can get to it easily by following the line tied off to the 12 metre training platform near the Crushing Works. For classic car vans, it's well worth a visit...
SAFETY FIRST: Only very experienced divers with overhead environment training should enter this dive attraction. Movement inside is restricted and the cold, darkness and depth can be very disorientating. If in doubt, DO NOT ENTER!

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