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Welcome to Vobster Quay - the UK's friendliest inland diving centre. Whether you're a diver or a swimmer, Vobster Quay has something to offer...

For certified divers, there's no better place to hone your diving skills and have fun than at Vobster Quay. With 36-acres of fresh water diving in depths ranging from 6m to 36m, divers of all levels will find the heady mix of exciting underwater attractions and a full range of diving support services hard to resist.

We've got a lot to offer open water swimmers and triathletes too. Our new TRIbal Triathlon multisports hub offers a full range of highest quality facilities, coaching and support services that will enhance your swim training and significantly improve your performance.

Regardless of whether you prefer to be above or below the water, Vobster Quay is the place to be. With our signature friendly welcome and helpful staff, we look forward to welcoming you soon...
NEED MORE INFO? For more information on diving and swimming at Vobster, click HERE.

Can I dive at Vobster Quay?

Of course you can! Vobster Quay welcomes certified divers regardless of their training background.

Providing you hold a valid certification gained through a recognised training agency - be it PADI, BSAC, IANTD, GUE or whatever - we'll try our best to make your day out a memorable one. Vobster Quay offers diving opportunities that is suitable for divers of all levels - from Open Water through to Technical!

We're pretty easy going at Vobster Quay - all we ask is that you dive in a buddy pair, you dive within the limits of your training and - most importantly - you have fun! Please refer to our terms & conditions for full details.

Can I swim at Vobster Quay?

Vobster's exciting new TRIbal Triathlon Hub welcomes open water swimmers, triathletes and other multisport athletes.

We offer a full range of highest quality facilities, coaching and support services that will enhance your swim and multi-sport training and significantly improve your performance. The TRIbal Hub offers the following facilities for swimmers and triathletes alike...

  • Heated changing room facilities
  • Coaching and support services
  • A measured and marked 750m swim course
  • A designated and marked coaching area
  • High-quality coaching and support programmes
  • Regular swim events
  • Trained safety staff and high speed RHIBs
  • Late water regularly tested

For more information on the facilities that we offer swimmers, visit our dedicated swimming page. In addition, why not check out TRIbal Triathlon on Facebook.

Do you offer diver training?

Vobster Quay is home to one of the UK's premier diving schools for scuba divers of all levels.

Whatever your experience or ability, we'll guide you through your first tentative steps into the world of diving and help you to become a safe and competent diver.

Our dive school offers a full range of diving courses from the world's largest and most respected diver training agency - PADI. With greater global recognition than any other diver training organisation, your PADI certification will ensure you enjoy a warm welcome wherever you choose to dive!

For more advanced divers, we also offer a full range of technical training through IANTD. Whether you're just getting started in tech or want to discover the joys of closed circuit rebreathers, our experienced team of technical instructors can help.

Do I need to book in advance?

Like any diving centre, Vobster Quay is at its busiest during the weekends but you still don't need to book.

Unlike some other inland diving centres, we've got more than enough parking capacity and shear volume of water to cope with even the busiest periods so you can simply roll up, sign in and go diving safe in the knowledge that no matter how busy we are, you're guaranteed to dive.

We like to think that Vobster Quay still has that 'exclusive' feel to it, avoiding the overcrowding and shear 'hustle and bustle' that plagues other inland diving centres. Give us a try - we think you'll be pleasantly surprised!

How deep is the water?

Vobster Quay offers a range of depths from 6 metres to 36 metres to suit divers of all experience and training levels.

For the recently certified, we offer a large area of the lake that is just 12-14 metres deep. What's more, this is the area where you'll find most of the diving attractions - from a submerged commercial aircraft to the remains of the quarry's old crushing works.

More experienced divers can explore the deeper 20m+ regions of the lake whilst the techies can lose themselves - not literally, we're hoping - in a small area of the lake that descends down to a maximum depth of 36m. Once again, there's plenty to see wherever you go - from specifically placed dive attractions to the remains of old quarry machinery and, of course, the natural rock strata.

How cold is the water?

The water temperature at Vobster Quay varies dramatically depending upon the time of the year and how deep you go.

Whilst deeper areas of the lake can be as cold as 4 degrees centigrade in the middle of winter, other areas can be as warm as 18 degrees during the height of summer!

Being naturally spring fed helps to keep the water clean and pure but it does keep the water temperature low in deeper parts of the quarry. Depending upon the time of the year, the temperature can be as low as 4 degrees. Even during the summer months, we recommend that ALL divers use suitable thermal insulation - including a neoprene hood and gloves - for dives deeper than 16m.

For shallower areas, the water temperature varies greatly throughout the season. In the winter months, the water temperature drops to around 8 degrees but can rise to a maximum of 18 degrees during the summer. Although it is possible to dive these areas without a hood in gloves, we still recommend their use.

For an up to date report on the current water temperature, we recommend that you follow our Facebook page at facebook.com/vobsterquay

What is the viz like?

Visbility at Vobster Quay can range from spectacularly good to virtually zero depending upon a number of factors.

One constant factor is the water temperature - visit Vobster in the winter and the early months of spring when the water temperature is lower and visibility can be up to 20 metres in places! In the summer months, however, algae growth in the warmer water can reduce visibility down to just a few metres!

By far the biggest factor that controls visibility at Vobster Quay, however, is the divers themselves. Most of the lake bottom is covered in a thin blanket of silt which can reduce visibility in the immediate area to virtually zero if kicked up. Although it settles quite quickly, we recommend that all divers take steps to reduce the amount of silt they stir up - try not to get too close to the quarry bottom or better still, use one of several anti-silting finning techniques such as a frog kick.

Visibility is almost always at its worse on a Sunday due to the shear number of divers in the water. Also, visibility tends to be reduced around the more popular attractions so consider venturing to other parts of the lake for better visibility.

If you wish to make the most of the visibility, we recommend you visit Vobster Quay mid-week and dive in the more remote areas of the lake - on the opposite bank, for example, visibility of upto 20m isn't unheard of!

For an up to date report on the current level of vizibility, we recommend that you follow our Facebook page at facebook.com/vobsterquay

Is my diving equipment suitable?

Unfortunately for us, we don't live in a tropical climate so the equipment you use to dive at Vobster will vary slightly from the equipment you'd use on holiday.

If you've never dived in the UK, we'd strongly recommend you undertake an orientation dive before attempting to dive unescorted. We offer both guided diving and refreshers / orientations as well as drysuit training should you need it - contact us for more information.

The main consideration that effects the suitability of equipment for diving at Vobster Quay is the lower water temperatures that are common with fresh water diving. We recommend that all the equipment you use is suitable for cold water diving - this applies in particular to regulators and the thermal protection you choose to wear.

It's important to realise that not all regulators are suitable for cold water diving - if in doubt, contact the regulator manufacturer or distributor for confirmation. Visit our page on cold water diving for more general guidance.

Is there much to see underwater?

You'd better believe it! Submerged beneath the waters of Vobster Quay, you'll find an exciting array of underwater attractions just waiting to be discovered.

From the wreck of a wooden motor cruiser lying in 20m, the towering quarry crushing works and even the complete wreck of an aircraft cut into three sections and submerged in various parts of the lake, there's something here to please even the most jaded UK diver. Attractions worth visiting include...

For details on the full range of where to find all our diving attractions in the lake, download the Vobster Quay map - printed copies of this are also available to pick up in the Vobster Quay shop. In addition, we also offer a full list of navigation bearings to download and print.

Can I get my cylinders filled?

Vobster Quay is home to a state of the art compressor station offering air, enriched air nitrox & trimix cylinder fills to a maximum of 232-bar.

The air from our multiple high-capacity compressors is filtered and tested regularly for impurities so you can be sure you'll always get a fill of the highest quality with no nasty impurities!

For enriched air and trimix divers, Vobster is home to a state of the art partial pressure blending system capable of delivering mixes from 22% right up to pure oxygen! Whatever your mix, our skilled blending technicians are on hand at all times to ensure you get the enriched air nitrox, trimix, heliar or heliox gas mix you require.

For rebreather divers, high pressure oxygen to a maximum of 200 bar is generally always available.

Can I hire diving equipment?

We understand that not everyone can afford to buy or justify the expense of owning a full set of diving equipment.

That doesn't mean you can't dive, though - with our extensive range of high quality rental equipment available for hire to certified divers, you can take the plunge without denting your wallet.

Dive equipment can be rented either individually - forget your fins? Not a problem! - or as a complete 'package'. As you'd expect, all our rental equipment is serviced regularly and is available in a variety of different sizes. A selection of semi-dry wet suits and - for divers with a suitable certification - tough membrane drysuits and warm undersuits are also available for hire.

For the more technically-included, we also offer a range of dive equipment for twinset divers - from manifolded twinsets to wings, backplates, umbilical primary lights and more. These tend to be popular items so always check availability first.

Please note that hire equipment is only made available for use on site at Vobster Quay - we do not hire equipment for use at other locations.

11-10-2018    10:57


For the last 2 Thursdays of the month to celebrate the end of the late openings, we are extending the 'out of the water time' to 10pm. Please come down and enjoy the great viz and hospitality.

POSTED: 17th October 2018


Sundasy was PADI IE day and we were proud to see one of our divemasters successfully qualify as a PADI OWSI. Hard work and a great attitude have marked all Victor's preparation - this is a well deserved success! Thanks to Prodive for the IDC.

POSTED: 15th October 2018

LAST NIGHT DIVE THURSDAY 25TH COTOBER. Only 3 more night dives left this year, the last one is Thursday 25th October. they will start again in April 2019, thanks for all the support.

POSTED: 04th October 2018

The lake was on song this morning; long shadows and rising mist signalling the start of Autumn season and all of the beauty this brings. Plenty of diving and swimming to be had though, with the cooler months bringing the best visibility and jaw-dropping scenery like this. Come on down; he water's just fine.



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POSTED: 24th September 2018

Also, if anyone with a deep cert or higher fancies joining me for a weekend's diving out of Plymouth, please give me a call on 01373 814666, as I have one space going on a charter.






POSTED: 17th September 2018

This weekend also saw #iantduk instructor trainer Tim Clements guiding some new #rebreather divers through the final stages of their initial training.


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POSTED: 17th September 2018

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