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Welcome to Vobster Quay

Whether you're a scuba diver or an open water swimmer, Vobster Quay offers the perfect blend of great fresh-water diving and swimming, first class service and the warmest of welcomes - isn't it time you discovered the UK's friendliest inland diving centre for yourself?

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POSTED: 22nd May 2018

Yeah, we get it - you're probably just a little bit bored of all this talk about the new General Data Protection Regulations ("GDPR") requirements that come into force on the 25th May. Sadly, though, there's no getting away from it all - from this Friday onwards, we won't be able to contact you unless you expressly give us your consent to do so.

We'd love to stay in touch and keep you updated on

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POSTED: 15th May 2018

ong>A bit of attention to kit fettling, some attentive skills progression and Steve Cook delivers victory smiles with instructor Howard Angel. Streamlining, easy valve access and great balance, personalised setup from an experienced sidemount instructor - what's not to like?

POSTED: 15th May 2018

ong>Congratulations to Ross Freeguard, back for a second bite at the RedBare cherry, with excellent results. Lovely dive, good buoyancy control, session on menus, systems and downloading, big smiles to round off. See you soon for training Ross, great performance! Cheers, Tim

14-06-2018    23:00

Welcome to the Vobster Solstice swim #solstice #wild swimming #Somerset

POSTED: 21st June 2018

Midweek update from the VQ divers Halton trip to Norway. 3 days so far, 6 40m plus dives in cracking viz on stunning wrecks. Drinking in the scenery above the water. Perfect for the Redbare Normoxic CCR plus course running. Thanks to Bob Anderson and crew for fine times.

POSTED: 13th June 2018

Another busy weekend for the VQ Training Department, but well worth it for these eight smiles. #padi #paditv #scubadiving #ukdiving #explore #quarrylakes #westcountry #vqdivers

POSTED: 11th June 2018

Vobster quay trips, MV Halton in Norway this week. #vobsterquay #mvhalton #vobsterquayontour #vobsterquaytrips #iantduk

POSTED: 10th June 2018

As seen from above, thanks Marcus

POSTED: 09th June 2018

Open water swim coaching with Yonda wetsuits. #openwaterswimming #yondawetsuits #yonda #vobsterquay

POSTED: 09th June 2018

Free diving platform ready for yoga sessions. #vobsterquay #gofreediving #lilypad #freediving

POSTED: 08th June 2018

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