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Take an IANTD course and become a safer, better and more confident diver...

Discover the world of bubble-free diving on a closed circuit rebreather...
Whether you want to bring a whole new level of safety and confidence to your diving or you're an experienced diver wanting to explore beyond the limits of recreational diving, our range of technical diving courses can get you there...

Our diver training programs offer a means of diving more safely and in more environments - whatever your level and interests. IANTD has been at the cutting edge of technical diver training for more than 20 years and continues to set the pace that others follow. From the first nitrox course in the world to its recreational trimix programs which allow for reduced narcosis in the entry-level tech depth range, through to CCR Cave and Expedition Trimix, IANTD has been setting the standard since the very beginning.

All our IANTD programs, from entry level upwards, equip a diver with the skills and knowledge to become a safe, responsible and thinking diver. It's a philosophy reflected in our self-sufficient diver course and continues throughout all our training programs.

Explore beyond the limits of recreational diving by signing up for an IANTD technical diver course at Vobster Quay. Our technical courses will add a whole new level of safety and fun to your diving - giving you the skills and confidence to explore wrecks and other dive sites out of reach of the crowds...

The Vobster Difference

Signing up for a training course with Vobster Quay is a great way to start your technical diving career. As a full-time diving operation with years of experience behind us, we've put together an unbeatable range of courses to suit divers of all levels and aspirations...
  • Professionalism - All our instructors and divemasters are paid - and fully insured - professionals. We do not use amateurs.
  • Tech-trained Staff - We don't subcontract our teaching - courses are taught by centre manager Tim Clements and many of our staff are tech trained too!
  • Low Ratios - With our low maximum ratio of students to instructors, you're guaranteed individual attention. We don't believe in 'production line' courses.
  • Ongoing Consultation & Support - Forgotten a skill or simply want to check your dive planning? Just call or email and we'll be happy to bring you back up to speed.
  • Fully-stock Shop - Need a new wing or a twinset? Our onsite shop stocks many of the top brands in technical gear including Halcyon, Hollis, Apeks and VR Technology.
  • Dedicated Classrooms - There are no grubby porta cabins at Vobster Quay! All your theory sessions take place in heated classroom facilities with full multimedia facilities.
  • Flexibility - We treat everyone as an individual and offer a range of training options to suit every budget and training need. We can even offer one-to-one training!
  • Waterside Access - With plenty of parking right next to the waterside, there's no need to lug your heavy twinset up and down a hill just to get to the water!
  • Guaranteed Diving - With our own 36-acre fresh water lake stocked with fascinating dive attractions and thousands of friendly fish, you're guaranteed to dive at Vobster Quay. Diving at Vobster is not weather-dependent.

Meet our Instructors

IANTD Instructor Trainer
Tim started diving in 1990 while studying Marine Biology and Oceanography, becoming a BSAC Advanced Diver in 1993 and taking part in several scientific diving expeditions to Southern Ireland.

Following an MSc in the Orkneys and an HSE Part IV qualification, Tim worked across the spectrum of diving, including environmental survey work, aquarium diving and media projects.

Eight years of aquarium education programmes has given Tim a deep enthusiasm for revealing the underwater world to divers and non divers alike, even converting an old sewage works in Fort William into a public aquarium based around human marine exploration.

His diving has taken him to many countries, wrecks, reefs and a couple of caves. Although Tim has also occasionally been persuaded to dive in warm water, he is convinced the UK offers some of the best diving in the world.

Tim began technical diving in 1999, taking part in the 990 magazine expedition to the Bullring in 2002 as underwater videographer.

IANTD Technical Instructor
Howard 'Hugo' Angel is an IANTD Advanced Recreational Trimix Instructor, a PADI IDC Staff Instructor and PADI Tec Deep Instructor.

A relative newcomer to diving, completing his Open Water course in only 2009 and qualifying as an instructor in 2011, Howard has committed to scuba diving with a single minded determination and has worked as professional diver in England, Indonesia, Thailand and Australia.

A keen technical diving enthusiast, Howard is a dedicated cold water diver, with a particular interest in deep diving, the overhead environment and rebreathers. Despite the high tech focus of his own personal diving, Howard is an enthusiastic trainer of divers and enjoys sharing the underwater world with both novice and experienced divers alike.

Howard's future ambitions are to continue to explore the flooded caves and mines of the world and work towards becoming a full cave instructor.

IANTD Technical Instructor
James started diving in 2003 in the UK taking the PADI open water course and doing some UK cold water diving. In 2004, he traveled the world and dived in many of the worlds best diving destinations continuing up the PADI ladder taking the advanced open water in Vietnam, then taking the Rescue Diver course on a live aboard on The Great Barrier Reef.

Got hooked on diving and wanted to continue and decided to become and instructor in 2005. He then traveled to Mexico and became a PADI OWSI Instructor in 2006 and worked in the dive industry in Mexico for four years as a full-time instructor and cavern guide in the Cenotes. He discovered cave diving 2006 and became a cave diver. Then in 2008, he became an IANTD technical diving instructor teaching all courses including cavern diving.

James returned to the UK in 2010 and continued diving and teaching in the UK. He has dived many wrecks, caves, caverns, oceans, lakes and quarries around the world. He has a passion for cave diving and wreck diving and all forms of technical diving and continues to try new things and continue my diving education.

Training Schedule

Looking for diver training at Vobster Quay? Here's a list of the courses we've got lined up over the next few months...
Course Name
Start Date
IANTD - Self Sufficent20 Dec 20172 days 320

IANTD Nitrox diver (theory)04 Jan 20181 day 170

Tech Coaching05 Jan 20181 day 180

PADI - OW & Drysuit & Nitrox (Gold)06 Jan 20184 days 660

PADI - AOW (Silver)13 Jan 20183 Days 460

PADI - AOW (Gold)13 Jan 20185 days 570

IANTD - Sidemount13 Jan 20182 days 320

IANTD - Deep27 Jan 20182 days 375

IANTD RedBare X-Over27 Jan 20182 days 400

PADI - OW & Drysuit & Nitrox (Gold)03 Feb 20184 days 660

IANTD - Self Sufficent10 Feb 20182 days 320

IANTD RedBare X-Over12 Feb 20182 days 400

IANTD - ART (no gas)15 Feb 20184 days 575

Rescue,EFR & O2 (Gold)23 Feb 20183 days 560

PADI - OW & Drysuit & Nitrox (Gold)03 Mar 20184 days 660

PADI - AOW (Silver)10 Mar 20183 Days 460

PADI - AOW (Gold)10 Mar 20185 days 570

IANTD - Deep10 Mar 20182 days 375

PADI - AOW (Silver)16 Mar 20183 Days 460

PADI - AOW (Gold)16 Mar 20185 days 570

IANTD - Sidemount17 Mar 20182 days 320

PADI - OW & Drysuit & Nitrox (Gold)07 Apr 20184 days 660

Rescue,EFR & O2 (Gold)13 Apr 20183 days 560

IANTD - Self Sufficent14 Apr 20182 days 320

IANTD - ART (no gas)19 Apr 20184 days 575

Sentinel Try Dive (Quarry)04 May 20184 hours 100

PADI - OW & Drysuit & Nitrox (Gold)05 May 20184 days 660

PADI - AOW (Silver)12 May 20183 Days 460

PADI - AOW (Gold)12 May 20185 days 570

IANTD - Sidemount12 May 20182 days 320

IANTD - Deep26 May 20182 days 375

PADI - OW & Drysuit & Nitrox (Gold)02 Jun 20184 days 660

IANTD - Self Sufficent09 Jun 20182 days 320

PADI - AOW (Silver)16 Jun 20183 Days 460

PADI - AOW (Gold)16 Jun 20185 days 570

Rescue,EFR & O2 (Gold)22 Jun 20183 days 560

PADI - OW & Drysuit & Nitrox (Gold)23 Jun 20184 days 660

PADI - OW & Drysuit & Nitrox (Gold)30 Jun 20184 days 660

PADI - OW & Drysuit & Nitrox (Gold)07 Jul 20184 days 660

PADI - AOW (Silver)14 Jul 20183 Days 460

PADI - AOW (Gold)14 Jul 20185 days 570

IANTD - Sidemount14 Jul 20182 days 320

IANTD - Deep28 Jul 20182 days 375

PADI - OW & Drysuit & Nitrox (Gold)04 Aug 20184 days 660

IANTD - Self Sufficent11 Aug 20182 days 320

IANTD - ART (no gas)16 Aug 20184 days 575

Rescue,EFR & O2 (Gold)24 Aug 20183 days 560

PADI - OW & Drysuit & Nitrox (Gold)25 Aug 20184 days 660

PADI - AOW (Silver)01 Sep 20183 Days 460

PADI - AOW (Gold)01 Sep 20185 days 570

Tekcamp 2 Day ticket 201803 Sep 20182 days 295

Tekcamp 3 Day ticket 201803 Sep 20183 days 440

Tekcamp 4 Day ticket 201803 Sep 20184 days 575

PADI - OW & Drysuit & Nitrox (Gold)08 Sep 20184 days 660

IANTD - Sidemount08 Sep 20182 days 320

IANTD - Deep22 Sep 20182 days 375

PADI - OW & Drysuit & Nitrox (Gold)06 Oct 20184 days 660

IANTD - Self Sufficent13 Oct 20182 days 320

Rescue,EFR & O2 (Gold)26 Oct 20183 days 560

PADI - OW & Drysuit & Nitrox (Gold)27 Oct 20184 days 660

PADI - OW & Drysuit & Nitrox (Gold)03 Nov 20184 days 660

PADI - AOW (Silver)10 Nov 20183 Days 460

PADI - AOW (Gold)10 Nov 20185 days 570

IANTD - Sidemount10 Nov 20182 days 320

IANTD - Deep24 Nov 20182 days 375

PADI - OW & Drysuit & Nitrox (Gold)08 Dec 20184 days 660

Need more information on the courses we offer? Call us
on 01373 814666 or email us to discuss your training requirements!

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Are you ready for Vobster Santas? We'll be throwing open the gates at 8:00am sharp tomorrow morning for a rush of Santas to converge on Vobster Quay for a festive dip in aid of charity.

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POSTED: 16th December 2017

Vobster Quay is looking for Divemasters for paid work in 2018.

Andrea has just completed the new accelerated divemaster training programme at Vobster Quay, consisting of a four day development course, before moving on to course assists in the New Year. Congratulations are due for her effort this week!

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Coming to Vobster Santas 2017 this Sunday. We've got another great reason to make sure that you're registered and through the gates nice 'n' early thanks to the good folks at Otter Watersports Drysuits.

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The next time your favourite wreck or carefully laid plan is blown out, remember the magical world of mud. Mud and fine sediment are there because it's a sheltered environment, which means it's also a possible bad weather weather alternative. No excuses for not diving, learning and discovering something you haven't seen before! Cheers, Tim

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We've got another superb raffle prize to share with you today courtesy of the good folk at Suunto Diving UK.

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Looking forward to Vobster Santas this coming Sunday? We're hard at work making final preparations for the big day and hopefully you are too - don't forget to cut a hole in your Santa suit for your drysuit dump valve and a bit of bungee to keep your Santa hat... [more]

POSTED: 14th December 2017

Vobster Santas Temp and Viz update: The forecast is for sun and clouds, with light SW winds. Underwater, we have a temp of 9 degrees at the surface and 20m viz in places. More importantly, we have around 140 divers forecast to attend - if we can get a few more, we might even be able to top the record of 188 to celebrate 10 years of Santa diving at Vobster Quay. Please remember to collect heaps of sponsorship money for the RNLI and Air Ambulance - the reason for Santa diving is fundraising to save lives. Cheers, Tim

POSTED: 14th December 2017

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