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  • FREE Reserved Parking
  • FREE Entry for Instructors
  • Warm Changing Facilities
  • Air, Nitrox & Trimix Fills
  • Kit & Classroom Hire
  • Onsite Catering
In the water...
  • FREE Training Platforms
  • Confined Water Training Area
  • Guaranteed Diving!
  • Interesting Wrecks
  • Depths from 6m to 36m
  • Improved Safety

Our emergency trained staff are on hand to provide assistance at all times...

Our platforms are solid and stable location to run diver training programmes...
We know that running a successful dive school or club can be a logistical and financial challenge. Here at Vobster Quay, we are proud of the facilities we offer to make your life easier...

Few training sites tick all the right boxes above and below the water but we like to think that Vobster Quay is one of them - whether you're putting trainee divers in open water for the very first time or running a cutting-edge tech course, there's plenty of good reasons to give us a try...

Since we first opened our gates in 2003, thousands of divers have learnt to dive at Vobster Quay. From humble beginnings to advanced technical training, Vobster's unique blend of varied diving and excellent facilities have made it the choice of instructors from every training agency. What Vobster lacks in sea salt, it more than makes up for in terms of pure logistical simplicity...

Sparkly welcome...

We think they make the best combination of services at any inland site. Add into the mix our trademark sparkly welcome and willingness to go that extra mile for you and your students - from car park booking to making tea and pumping cylinders - and we think we've got something to offer any group.

The top-flight service doesn’t stop once you and your students hit the water. We offer dives suitable for all levels of recreational and technical training, masses of training platform space and - best of all - everything within an arms reach of the water.

Whatever your training needs, we want to hear from you. If you’re still not sure just how all this can work for you, call us on 01373 814666. We're always happy to welcome new groups and keener still to ensure that your time at Vobster gets off to the best possible start…

Whether you're teaching professionally or within a club, we appreciate that every pound counts.

To make life a little easier on your wallet, we offer instructors FREE ENTRY to the site providing they're accompanied by four paying students (view terms & conditions). For every four additional students you bring along, one member of your staff also gets in for free...

Services above water...

There's a lot more to running a successful diving course than what goes on in the water. At Vobster Quay, we're geared specifically to ensuring that everything you and your students need is on hand at your convenience...
  • Parking - With two large car parks including one close to the waters edge, keeping your group together has never been so easy. We even offer reserved parking close to the water's edge for your dive school van!
  • Fast-Track Entry - Time is precious so the speed at which your students get signed in and through the gate is all important. To speed the process up, we provide a Group Booking Form which you can download, fill out and bring along with you on the day...
  • Changing Facilities - The days of changing in the back of a damp old van are well and truly over! Our heated changing facilities are clean and spacious and we even offer free hot showers and a loo for disabled divers.
  • Food Catering - A well-fed student is a happy student! Offering a full range of hot and cold food and drinks, our catering facilities offer a fast and efficient way of keeping your students fed with minimal disruption to your training schedule.
  • Cylinder Fills - Whether you need air, nitrox or even trimix, our onsite filling station can pump tanks up to 300-bar. Breathing Air and Nitrox cylinders are also available for hire.
  • FREE WiFi - Need to check your email or look something up on the internet? We offer FREE WiFi for all visitors to Vobster Quay...
  • Equipment Hire - There's nothing worse than turning up at a dive site only to discover that you're short of equipment! Should you need additional gear, our hire department offers a full range of equipment for hire at competitive prices including BCDs, regulators, masks, fins, semidrys and even drysuits.
  • Classroom Facilities - Need somewhere warm and dry to run theory sessions or just to debrief your students? Why not hire one of our classrooms? Standard equipment provided includes flat screen TVs with a DVD player and laptop connection.
  • Shelter - Getting wet on a dive is all part of the fun but not on the surface! We provide a number of large marquees with seating to keep you and your students dry should the weather decide not to play ball.

Services below water...

Running dive courses in the UK can be hit and miss at the best of times. Even in the middle of summer, a little bit of wind in the wrong direction is all it needs to scupper your training plans before they even get started. At Vobster Quay, though, weather is never an issue - come rain or shine, you're guaranteed to get in the water...
  • Weather - No more cancelled dives due to bad weather. Our sheltered position means you can put students into the water regardless of what the weather is doing...
  • Training Platforms - With a generous number of training platforms dotted around the lake at depths between 6 metres to 36 metres, group control and running skills becomes so much easier...
  • Confined Water Area - Need a shallow training area that's cut off from the rest of the lake? We offer a confined water area that's just the ticket for drysuit familiarity training and lots more besides!
  • Safety - Our highly trained staff are on hand to provide assistance should you get into difficulties. With boat cover and personnel trained in first aid and oxygen administration on hand to provide back up to your own safety cover, there's no safer place to conduct open water training...
  • Varied Diving - With a range of dive attractions spread out across a range of depths between 6m and 36m, Vobster Quay can be used to run a wide variety of courses from basic open water, deep diving and nitrox specialties to technical and even wreck penetration training!
  • Aquatic Life - Enthuse your students and they'll keep coming back for more and nothing gets a student more excited than fish! At Vobster Quay, students are sure to see fish life around the major dive attractions.

Recreational ACOP - Divers at work...

All diving schools, instructors and divers working at Vobster Quay must conform to the Diving at Work Regulations 1997 and all other revelant standards and procedures laid down by the UK Health & Safety Executive and the agencies they operate under.

All diving schools, instructors and divers at work should confirm to HSE regulations...
All diving schools, instructors and divers must have adequate insurance to cover all aspects of liability and must accept responsibility for providing all relevant safety cover both above and below water. Vobster's own staff and facilities (including oxygen therapy units) cannot be treated as part of your emergency assistance plan.

If you're unsure about your responsibilities under the HSE regulations, we recommend you read the relevant sections within the Diving at Work Regulations 1997 on the UK Health & Safety Executive website.

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Vobster says goodbye.

Last weekend was Nat's last day before leaving us for University in the capital. We wish him and also Harriet all the best with their degrees in the next chapter of their lives.

POSTED: 01st September 2015

The TEKCamp outakes, courtesy of Bryan Stanislas.

Apologies for the odd swear word that makes it through!

POSTED: 31st August 2015

So who's coming diving this evening? Don't forget that every Thursday evening until the end of October is late opening hours so why not pop down for a cheeky night dive or two?

POSTED: 27th August 2015

Factory Media, Europe’s largest lifestyle sports and culture media business, has teamed up with award-winning multi-channel network, UKTV, on its first branded-content TV commission, The Indestructibles.

Excellent past 2 days at Vobster watching The Indestructibles launch themselves off a bespoke ramp into the lake.


POSTED: 19th August 2015

Dive Guernsey
We don't see many out of test cylinders, but.... please, please check yours are in test and O2 clean if necessary. Cheers, Tim

POSTED: 16th August 2015

Howard Hugo Angel, Vobster Quay IANTD Technical Diving Instructor adds DPV to his educational arsenal under the intense supervision of Martin Robson.

If you need a DPV for exploration objectives, Vobster is now able to offer courses - please contact Howard on training@vobster.com for details and dates.

Budding DPV instructors or instructor trainers can fulfil their ambitions with Martin Robson on info@eau2.com.

Congratulations Hugo, Cheers, Tim

POSTED: 06th August 2015

Good morning Facebook - it's not the Winter, we've just been very busy! But guess what? Not posting on facebook doesn't crash your business.

But we've got plenty of updates for you - Temp and Viz coming up next, Howard achieves another instructor level, Winter tech refresher trip to Loch Fyne, Tech training opportunities and best of all, some comments about the awesome experience that was TekCamp. Catch you in a mo. Cheers, Tim

POSTED: 06th August 2015

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