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We understand that not everyone can afford to buy or justify the expense of owning a full set of diving equipment.

That doesn't mean you can't dive, though - with our select range of high quality rental equipment available for hire to certified divers, you can take the plunge without denting your wallet. Whether you dive a single cylinder and BCD or you're a budding techie that likes to 'double up' with a twinset, we can help.

Dive equipment can be rented either individually - forget your fins? Not a problem! - or as a complete 'package'. As you'd expect, all our rental equipment is serviced regularly and is available in a variety of different sizes. A selection of semi-dry wet suits and - for divers with a suitable certification - tough membrane drysuits and warm undersuits are also available for hire.

We also offer a selection of demonstration lights from LFM (Light For Me) that can be taken in for a FREE test dive. These items tend to be extremely popular - especially at weekends - so please contact us in advance should you wish to try them for yourself.

For divers who hold a suitable certification, we are one of the very few dive centres in the UK that offer the Hollis Explorer Sport Rebreather to hire.

Please note that hire equipment is only made available for use on site at Vobster Quay - we do not hire equipment for use at other locations.

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Hire Equipment Price List

Below you'll find our latest price list for rental equipment on a per day basis. Please note that these prices are subject to change. If in doubt, please contact us...
Primary Dive Equipment Price per day
Bouyancy Compensator (BCD) £ 15.00
Twinset Wing + Backplate + Harness £ 17.50
12.0 ltr Cylinder (air or nitrox) £ 7.00 + fill
12.0 ltr Manifolded Twinset £ 17.50 + fill
Set of Regulators (single tank) £ 17.50
Set of Regulators (twinset) £ 30.00
Ancillary Dive Equipment Price per day
LFM Umbilical Torch £ FREE
LFM GoPro Light System (GoPro not included) £ FREE
LFM Handheld Torch £ FREE
Suunto Zoop Dive Computer £ 7.50
Boot Fins £ 5.00
Mask & Snorkel £ 3.00
Weight Belt + Weights £ 3.00
Lead (solid blocks or pouches) £ 7.50
Exposure Protection Equipment Price per day
Wetsuit Boots £ 3.00
Neoprene Hood £ 3.00
Neoprene Gloves £ 3.00
Dry Undersuit £ 5.00
Drysuit £ 25.00
Semidry Wetsuit £ 17.50
Freediving Wetsuit £ 15.00
Swimming Wetsuit £ 5.00
In addition, we also offer complete sets of scuba equipment available on a daily basis at a reduced price. These bundles include everything you need to go diving - exposure suit, BCD, regulators, tank, fins, mask and weights - minus a dive computer. To avoid disappointment, all hire gear must be booked in advance!
Equipment Packages Price per day
Hollis Explorer Sport Rebreather (excludes gas + sorb) £ 50.00
Twinset package (Manifolded Twinset + Backplate + Wing + Regulators) £ 50.00
Single tank package inc Semidry Wetsuit £ 56.50
Single tank package inc Drysuit + Undersuit £ 64.00
IMPORTANT NOTE: To avoid disappointment, it is advisable to reserve hire equipment before your visit to Vobster Quay. To do so, please email or call us on 01373 814666

Prices correct at date of publication. Note that we reserve the right to change prices at any time - please contact us for latest pricing.

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Scapa Flow 3D Photogrammetry Workshop
An excellent week to gain new skills and a different appreciation of diving for a purpose. Cheers, Tim

POSTED: 24th March 2017

BREAKING NEWS ON EXCITING PROJECT.Brixham based ARC Marine have developed a new form of modular artificial reef which is being tested at Vobster this year. The reef is designed for use in marine habitats to offer refuge for animals and a substrate for marine life, easily and flexibly deployable in any location with a variety of custom refuge sizes. The attention grabbing blocks in Vobster by the plane are the first part of that test.

ARC Marine are now fundraising for the full pilot project, which will see a full size reef deployed into Vobster - this can be monitored for settlement and colonisation. It will be very interesting to see if the crayfish like it as it offers an option to the boulder scree... [more]

POSTED: 17th March 2017

PHONE LINE WORKING AGAIN. It looks like the problem on the telephone lines have now been resolved, thank you for your patience.

POSTED: 14th March 2017


This month sees the launch of a brand new monthly UK diving magazine called Scuba Diver. Brought to you by the same talented team behind the now sadly defunct Sport Diver UK, Scuba Diver offers a great mix of news, features and reviews to give you that all-important diving fix... [more]

POSTED: 08th March 2017

From one inland site to another! this is Duiktank Belgium, where we ran some RedBare CCR trydives recently. Cheers, Tim

POSTED: 28th February 2017

Last minute trip space: Mull 9,10,11,12 March MV Halton £400. Rest of boat is CCR,so really suits CCR diver. Any takers? Cheers, Tim

POSTED: 16th February 2017

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