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No matter what you do for a living, the are times when life just seems... well, a little dull. Tired of your old job? Isn't it time you considered a career change - do something you love and become an IANTD instructor!

Whatever your training background, Vobster Quay can help you turn your diving dreams into a career reality. As the home of IANTD UK - one of the world's foremost technical diver training agencies - we know what it takes to become a success in the cut-throat world of diving. Our team of IANTD instructors and instructor trainers can guide you through every step of the way.

Introducing IANTD...

Whatever you want to do, IANTD can get you there. Our diver training programs offer a means of diving more safely and in more environments - whatever your level and interests...

The International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers has been at the cutting edge of diver training for more than 20 years. From the first nitrox course in the world to our Tek Lite programs which allow for reduced narcosis in the entry-level tech depth range, through to CCR Cave and Expedition Trimix, we've been setting the standard since the very beginning.

We offer a complete range of training courses from Open Water Diver through to Expedition Trimix using both open and closed circuit equipment and a full range of cave diver training programs. Our instructor trainers and instructors represent some of the very best technical divers and educators in the UK and across the world.

Become an IANTD Instructor...


All IANTD Instructor ratings have these prerequisites...
  • Current First Aid with AED + CPR rating
  • Current Oxygen Administration rating
  • Rescue Diver certification
  • Qualified as a Sport Diving Instructor in active teaching status with an accredited Scuba training agency
  • Qualified as a diver at the level you wish to teach
  • Meet minimum experience requirements at the level you wish to teach
  • Meet minimum age requirements at the level you wish to teach
IANTD Instructors all share one thing in common - a genuine passion for all-things diving. If you live and breathe diving and have an unstoppable drive to share that passion with others, IANTD wants to hear from you...

Becoming an IANTD Instructor offers a privileged opportunity to pass on your knowledge, experience and dive skills to the divers of tomorrow. With an IANTD Instructor Trainer as your mentor, IANTD Instructor courses are designed to develop and enhance your diving skills, teaching and supervisory skills in a controlled and structured manner.

Each IANTD Instructor level consists of an instructor evaluation course where you'll work alongside an IANTD Instructor Trainer to develop the tools and know-how to successfully deliver IANTD training at that level. For new IANTD Technical Instructors, you'll start at the 'tech lite' level teaching the IANTD Recreational Trimix and Advanced Recreational Trimix programs.

If you are already an experienced technical instructor, contact us for options and routes to join IANTD's team of professionals.

Instructor levels...

As the home of IANTD UK, we can arrange IANTD instructor training at all levels. Onsite we can offer the following instructor training...

IANTD Advanced
Recreational Trimix Instructor

DURATION: Internship

The foundation program for safe self sufficient diving. The IANTD Advanced Recreational Trimix program covers the core skills from the technical diver training programs.

This packed course covers the use of twinsets with central isolation manifolds and decompression skills and procedures using bottom mixes of recreational trimix with oxygen contents between 21% and 40% with a maximum pO2 of 1.5 bar, combined with a helium content to yeild an Equivelent Narcotic Depth (END) no greater than 24 msw (80 fsw).

IANTD Open Water
Sidemount Instructor

DURATION: Internship

Sidemount diving is all the rage these days - it delivers great trim and buoyancy control, plus extremely accessible valves for gas management.

The IANTD Sidemount Diver course covers theory, gas planning, kit configuration and dive skills, with the emphasis firmly on getting in the water and diving to discover and enjoy the benefits of a totally new setup.

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Scapa Flow 3D Photogrammetry Workshop
An excellent week to gain new skills and a different appreciation of diving for a purpose. Cheers, Tim

POSTED: 24th March 2017

BREAKING NEWS ON EXCITING PROJECT.Brixham based ARC Marine have developed a new form of modular artificial reef which is being tested at Vobster this year. The reef is designed for use in marine habitats to offer refuge for animals and a substrate for marine life, easily and flexibly deployable in any location with a variety of custom refuge sizes. The attention grabbing blocks in Vobster by the plane are the first part of that test.

ARC Marine are now fundraising for the full pilot project, which will see a full size reef deployed into Vobster - this can be monitored for settlement and colonisation. It will be very interesting to see if the crayfish like it as it offers an option to the boulder scree... [more]

POSTED: 17th March 2017

PHONE LINE WORKING AGAIN. It looks like the problem on the telephone lines have now been resolved, thank you for your patience.

POSTED: 14th March 2017


This month sees the launch of a brand new monthly UK diving magazine called Scuba Diver. Brought to you by the same talented team behind the now sadly defunct Sport Diver UK, Scuba Diver offers a great mix of news, features and reviews to give you that all-important diving fix... [more]

POSTED: 08th March 2017

From one inland site to another! this is Duiktank Belgium, where we ran some RedBare CCR trydives recently. Cheers, Tim

POSTED: 28th February 2017

Last minute trip space: Mull 9,10,11,12 March MV Halton £400. Rest of boat is CCR,so really suits CCR diver. Any takers? Cheers, Tim

POSTED: 16th February 2017

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