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Diving Facts
MIN DEPTH: 14 metres
MAX DEPTH: 22 metres
LOCATION: Entrance - End of slipway track
Exit - Base of Crushing Works
  • The darkness beckons!

  • Darkness
  • Overhead environment
  • Loss of visibility
  • Disorientation
  • Depth
  • Entanglement

Dive Attractions Map
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Compass Bearings List
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Attraction Information

A twinset diver swims up through the tunnel following the guideline on the roof...

The tunnel is concrete-lined throughout so navigation is relatively easy...

A high-visibility guideline runs along the roof and is tied off at either end...
For the more experienced diver with overhead training, we offer the Stone Delivery Tunnel - an 18m long concrete-lined 'cave' cut through the limestone in the days when the quarry was still operational.

Despite being reinforced with a concrete liner along its entire length and wide enough for three divers to travel through side by side, the tunnel should only be attempted by those divers with overhead environment training - even then, only enter if you like your overhead environments dark and spooky!

Located at a depth of 14 metres, the entrance to the tunnel can be found at the end of the track that leads down from the quayside slipway. Once you reach it, you'll discover a thick white cable tied off at the entrance. Running along the roof for the entire length of the tunnel, this high-visibility cable provides a useful guideline for even the most experienced overhead environment diver.

As you progress through the tunnel, be aware that the depth will steadily increase until you reach the exit at 22 metres. Visibility and ambient light levels can varying massively between the entrance and exit to the tunnel so make sure you that you keep your torch switched on even once you've exited the tunnel. We recommend that any diver entering the tunnel carries at least *two* torches.

At the tunnel exit, you'll find yourself very close to the base of the Crushing Works. To locate the Crushing Works from the tunnel exit, fin forward with the wall on your right hand shoulder for approximately 5 metres.
SAFETY FIRST: This attraction should only be entered by divers with overhead environment training. The tunnel is very dark and can be very disorientating! If in doubt, DO NOT ENTER!

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Scapa Flow 3D Photogrammetry Workshop
An excellent week to gain new skills and a different appreciation of diving for a purpose. Cheers, Tim

POSTED: 24th March 2017

BREAKING NEWS ON EXCITING PROJECT.Brixham based ARC Marine have developed a new form of modular artificial reef which is being tested at Vobster this year. The reef is designed for use in marine habitats to offer refuge for animals and a substrate for marine life, easily and flexibly deployable in any location with a variety of custom refuge sizes. The attention grabbing blocks in Vobster by the plane are the first part of that test.

ARC Marine are now fundraising for the full pilot project, which will see a full size reef deployed into Vobster - this can be monitored for settlement and colonisation. It will be very interesting to see if the crayfish like it as it offers an option to the boulder scree... [more]

POSTED: 17th March 2017

PHONE LINE WORKING AGAIN. It looks like the problem on the telephone lines have now been resolved, thank you for your patience.

POSTED: 14th March 2017


This month sees the launch of a brand new monthly UK diving magazine called Scuba Diver. Brought to you by the same talented team behind the now sadly defunct Sport Diver UK, Scuba Diver offers a great mix of news, features and reviews to give you that all-important diving fix... [more]

POSTED: 08th March 2017

From one inland site to another! this is Duiktank Belgium, where we ran some RedBare CCR trydives recently. Cheers, Tim

POSTED: 28th February 2017

Last minute trip space: Mull 9,10,11,12 March MV Halton £400. Rest of boat is CCR,so really suits CCR diver. Any takers? Cheers, Tim

POSTED: 16th February 2017

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