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Diving Facts
MIN DEPTH: 6 metres
MAX DEPTH: 36 metres
LOCATION: Spread throughout the lake
  • Launchpads for further exploration!

  • Protruding metal
  • Snagging risk
  • Entanglement
  • Depth

Dive Attractions Map
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Attraction Information

From open water to technical training, Vobster is geared towards your needs...

Our platforms are solid and stable platforms to run diver training programmes...

Whatever level of training you're conducting, there's a suitable platform...

There are plenty of suitable spots suitable for practicing those essential dive skills...
Whether you're a visiting dive school or just want to practise some skills, you'll find a generous selection of training platforms dotted around the lake.

Available to all divers, these raised training platforms provide fixed areas in which to teach and practice dive skills at a variety of recognised depths. As all platforms are raised up off the quarry floor, the risk of reduced visibility is minimised.

For entry level training purposes, we provide a number of training platforms placed at six metres with additional platforms at nine and twelve metres. For more advanced training, deeper training platforms have been placed at depths ranging from 20 metres to 36 metres.

All platforms are constructed from steel scaffolding poles with thick wooden planks forming a solid base. To aid the containment of training activities to the confines of the platforms, many of our platforms have raised hand rails on two of their four sides.

Our training platforms are ideally placed for giving your courses 'added interest' too. Once you've completed your skills training, you can take your students off on a short guided tour of a number of major attractions, all of which are located within a very short distance of the platforms.

Please be considerate when using training platforms. Vobster Quay is very popular with visiting dive schools, many of whom bring along trainee divers with little or no experience. If you encounter a group running through skills on a platform, please be considerate and mindful of trainees - we all had to start somewhere!

Also we ask that whilst the platforms are there for everyone to use, please don't hog them - if a group of inexperienced trainees descends onto your platform, please consider moving elsewhere if you're able to. There are plenty of suitable areas throughout the lake that lend themselves well to practising skills.
SAFETY FIRST: Due to depth and very poor visibility, only very experienced divers equipped with an alternative air source should visit the 36 metre platform. Trust us - it's very dark, very cold and there's nothing to see down there!

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Stuck for something to on Saturday 4th November? Why join us down at Vobster Quay for our annual celebration of nefarious individuals with pointy moustaches trying to blow up the Houses of Parliament!

We'll be filling the skies above the lake with enough bangs, pops and whistles to scare even the... [more]

POSTED: 11th October 2017

Some great photos from last weeks Glow Swim, thanks Jason.

POSTED: 10th October 2017

Fancy seeing something different in the dark? This Thursday our friends from Linear Guidance Illumination - LGi will be at Vobster Quay Inland Diving Centre demonstrating their illuminated marker systems. Used by the police and the military, as well as many commercial organisations, maybe this is how we should mark out all our routes and features for safer low-light and dark diving conditions? Come along and see what you think! Cheers, Pete

POSTED: 09th October 2017

Outstanding congratulations to an outstanding group of new divers. From right to left, Chris White, Thomas Lumley and Nichola Crabtree have achieved the accolade of Open Water Diver with characteristic style. Jolly good show! Wishing you all the best in your future diving adventures. Many thanks, Hugo

POSTED: 09th October 2017


Look who turned up at Vobster Quay to try out open water swimming! None other than Team GB double Olympic silver medal winning swimmer, Jazz Carlin - check out the news report over at the BBC...


POSTED: 06th October 2017


A massive thank you to everyone that joined us last night for our annual TRIbal Triathlon GLOW Swim event. Set against the pale light of a beautiful full moon, so many of you joined us for this magical annual event! Lots of photos to follow over at the TRIBal Facebook... [more]

POSTED: 06th October 2017

Details for Glow swim tonight.

POSTED: 05th October 2017

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