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Diving Facts
MIN DEPTH: 21 metres
MAX DEPTH: 25 metres
LOCATION: Far Side of Lake
  • Interior fittings

  • Protruding metal
  • Overhead environment
  • Loss of visibility
  • Entanglement
  • Depth

Dive Attractions Map
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Attraction Information

Pete's Lurve Shack - aka the Vobster Quay Caravan - is lowered into the water...

Live it up in luxury inside this fully-equipped caravan - all mod-cons provided!

Divers with suitable penetration training will enjoy exploring inside the caravan...
If you're travelling to Vobster Quay and require somewhere to stay overnight, there are plenty of hotels and bed & breakfast accommodations in the local area that will be happy to put you up for the night.

For those looking for something a little different, though, be sure to check out Vobster Quay's very own onsite accommodation... Pete's Lurve Shack.

Donated by a former Vobster Quay staff member, Pete's Lurve Shack is a fully-equipped caravan that now lies submerged in the lake at a maximum depth of 25 metres. With lovely views of the lake and all mod cons, we regret that the damp-proofing isn't what it used to be. For divers in need of a quick stop over, though, it's well worth a visit.

To allow easy penetration for the suitably qualified, we've increased the height of the main window at the front of the caravan. Inside you'll find a lot of the original fittings still in place including a cooker, sink and even a shower! Now consigned to the depths of Vobster Quay, visiting Pete's Lurve Shack is more fun than a week in Skegness.

Unless you're trained and comfortable inside a confined space, we strongly recommend that you peer in through the windows rather than enter the caravan directly - leave the 'big push' to those more qualified to do so. We recommend a torch too - it can get pretty dark in there!
SAFETY FIRST: Only very experienced divers with overhead environment training should enter the caravan. Movement inside both is very restrictive and the cold, darkness and depth can be very disorientating. If in doubt, DO NOT ENTER!



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Monday Temp and Viz update: The viz remains a very reasonable 10m on the 15m shelf, but improves towards 25m with divers reporting some very crisp conditions over by Jesterhenge. Temp has dropped a bit to between 8 and 9 degrees, but that's still very good for Winter. We managed a 110 minute dive last week, with Oceanic Mako 5mm gloves providing thermal backup for hands. Cheers, Tim
POSTED: 26th January 2015

Our new home for cold divers takes shape! a whopping 18m by 5m shelter now has a roof and later this week, sides. We'll be completing it with a wooden decked floor to reduce cold foot misery, but it's ready to use now! Cheers, Tim
POSTED: 26th January 2015


Work is progressing on the 'not nail salon or a sauna'. Maybe there will be a roof before the rain starts again if they keep on at this rate.POSTED: 22nd January 2015


Have you fancied a go on a recreational rebreather? If so we have spaces on the Hollis Explorer try dive day this Saturday 24th January at Vobster. Day consists of unit strip down and pack, theory session and dive in the lake. Price for this is £75, please call us... [more]POSTED: 20th January 2015


2 Sentinels, 2 Otters and 2 IANTD instructors out in the sun today as Hugo gets to grips with the VMS Sentinel at Vobster today. Don't tell the JJ what he's been up to ...POSTED: 19th January 2015


TEKCamp 2015 continues to attract the biggest names in technical diving with another headline act joining the already star-studded line up. Famed underwater explorer, environmental activist and renowned underwater photographer Jill Heinerth will be appearing at TEKCamp.

Jill's accolades include induction into the Explorer's Club and the inaugural class of... [more]POSTED: 19th January 2015

Can you see what it is yet?

We have started a new project this week to improve the facilities for you. Keep watching for updates throughout the next few months!POSTED: 16th January 2015

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