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Hawker Siddeley

Diving Facts
MIN DEPTH: 9 metres
MAX DEPTH: 14 metres
LOCATION: Near the Crushing Works
  • Aircraft cockpit
  • Tail section aviation racks
  • Fish inside the tail section

  • Loss of visibility
  • Overhead environment
  • Protruding metal
  • Entanglement
  • Depth

Dive Attractions Map
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Compass Bearings List
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Attraction Information

The tail section dominates the 12 metre plateau and is difficult to miss!

All three sections of the aircraft allow for easy penetration but take care...

Be prepared for quite an impressive sight as you approach the tail section...

The centre section of the aircraft still has the undercarraige wheels in place...
Finning past the Crushing Works at a depth of 12m, you could be forgiven for questioning your eyesight as a most unexpected sight comes into view. Lying in three sections in a line, you'll find the wreck of a Hawker Siddley HS-748 aircraft.

Donated by Exeter Airport, the HS-748 (designation G-AVXJ) was a 58-seat twin prop aircraft that served with the Civil Aviation Authority carring out flight calibration work until the late 1990s. Taking its place in the lake with the invaluable assistance of the Royal Engineers of the British Army, the aircraft is now split into three sections near the Crushing Works at a depth of just 12m.

The aircraft wreck offers divers of all experience levels an exciting diving opportunity that's not to be missed. Even if you're not a big fan of sunken metal, the tail section nearest the Crushing Works is not to be missed due to its popularity with the local fish population - it's often so filled with fish that it's difficult to see past them!

For visitors to the 9 and 6 metre training platforms, the front section of the aircraft provides a pleasant and interesting detour for trainee and visiting divers alike. Don't forget to have a quick peek into the cockpit and you'll see many of the aircraft's controls still in place!

For those with overhead training, all sections of the wreck provide considerable potential for penetration - you can swim through all three sections of the fuselage exploring the banks of aviation equipment still in position. In particular, watch out for the cockpit which still has many of its flight controls. And, of course, don't forget to visit the crew toilet with latrine still in place - just in case you do happen to get caught short during your dive...
SAFETY FIRST: All three sections of the aircraft can be penetrated safely but we advise any diver not comfortable with comfined spaces to stay outside and peer in through the holes!

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POSTED: 11th October 2017

Some great photos from last weeks Glow Swim, thanks Jason.

POSTED: 10th October 2017

Fancy seeing something different in the dark? This Thursday our friends from Linear Guidance Illumination - LGi will be at Vobster Quay Inland Diving Centre demonstrating their illuminated marker systems. Used by the police and the military, as well as many commercial organisations, maybe this is how we should mark out all our routes and features for safer low-light and dark diving conditions? Come along and see what you think! Cheers, Pete

POSTED: 09th October 2017

Outstanding congratulations to an outstanding group of new divers. From right to left, Chris White, Thomas Lumley and Nichola Crabtree have achieved the accolade of Open Water Diver with characteristic style. Jolly good show! Wishing you all the best in your future diving adventures. Many thanks, Hugo

POSTED: 09th October 2017


Look who turned up at Vobster Quay to try out open water swimming! None other than Team GB double Olympic silver medal winning swimmer, Jazz Carlin - check out the news report over at the BBC...


POSTED: 06th October 2017


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Details for Glow swim tonight.

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