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Welcome to Vobster Quay

Whether you're a certified scuba diver or just starting out, Vobster Quay offers the perfect blend of great fresh-water diving, first class service and the warmest of welcomes - isn't it time you discovered the UK's friendliest inland diving centre for yourself?

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POSTED: 06th May 2016

Vobster Quay Inland Diving Centre with Matt Sydenham and Ryan Crawford.

Is it time to think about updating your old computer? Have you simply outgrown the features and need something more advanced? Or maybe you just feel like treating yourself to the latest dive computer?

As a loyal Suunto customer we would like to offer you the chance to upgrade your current Suunto computer to one of the latest models. As long as your old computer is in full working order, you can trade in your old model to receive the following discounts off a new Suunto computer.

50 OFF - Vyper Novo - [WEBLINK]

75 OFF - D4i Novo - [WEBLINK]

100 OFF - D6i Novo - [WEBLINK]

150 OFF - Eon Steel - [WEBLINK]

200 OFF - DX - [WEBLINK]

Note that this offer is available through the Vobster shop only - the above links are for reference only. Simply pop into the Vobster shop with your old Suunto dive computer and we'll do the rest :-)

POSTED: 04th May 2016

What sort of diver do you want to be? Whether you feel drawn to the dark side or the light, our talented team of TEKCamp instructors will help you to discover your diving destiny.

TEKCamp is a training experience like no other. You'll gain Jedi-like mastery over your diving and become a better, safer and more confident diver. Even if you don't want to become a Dark Lord of Trimix or a Master of the Line Arrow, TEKCamp will transform your diving. "Attend TEKCamp, you must..."

Sign up today at www.tekcamp.co.uk and awaken the dark side in you!

POSTED: 19th April 2016

Vobster Quay Inland Diving Centre with Edoardo Pavia and 9 others.

New year, new challenges, new possibilities - how will you improve your diving this year? At TEKCamp 2016, you can make the jump from recreational to technical under the expert guidance of some of the UK's top technical instructors. You don't need to be a technical diver to participate - all you need is a willingness to learn, an open mind and your sense of humour!

TEKCamp 2016 is an award-winning event that will give you the skills and knowledge to become a better, safer and more confident diver. We'll help you to nail key tech skills and introduce you to a whole new way of diving. From rock-solid buoyancy control and precision finning techniques to team skills, line laying and everything in between, TEKCamp is a fast-track masterclass like no other. Want to get the low down on technical diving from the technical diving elite? Come to TEKCamp.

You don't even need your own tech gear to attend TEKCamp. Thanks to Apeks UK, you can try both a twinset and a sidemount system and then choose which one you prefer - Apeks will then loan you the gear to continue your TEKCamp adventure.

TEKCamp 2016 is all set to run between the 11 and 15 July here at Vobster Quay. A limited number of tickets are still available so don't miss out - book your place at [WEBLINK] #tekcamp #tekcamp2016

POSTED: 01st April 2016

Vobster Quay Inland Diving Centre added 3 new photos — with Tim Clements.
We are delighted to congratulate Tim on being the friendly face of Vobster for 10 years today.

Most of you probably know Tim for his car parking skills on a Saturday morning, and he has said that when he retires his dream job would be parking cars on the cross channel ferry! You may have noticed his yellow paint around the car park and we ask you to respect the homemade symbols.

However, Tims accomplishments are wide and varied from unblocking the sewage system on a Saturday morning to saving lives. Tim-gineering is legendary on site; he can construct any new platform or marquee from scaffolding and fix almost anything with a cable tie and gaffer tape.

Tim considers witty banter to be a priority in life and for those who understand the newsletters posts we hope you find it thought provoking.

Tim is a dedicated diver with over 20 years experience with a passion to safety and the environment. Even his knowledge of open water swimming is expanding daily with Saturday summer mornings providing a highly educational experience and his biggest challenge.

So we raise a glass to Tim for all his efforts for Vobster Quay and the diving industry.

Cheers to the next 10!

POSTED: 25th March 2016

Is it really Easter already?! Where's the year gone!!!!! Yes folks, it's that time of year we all look forward to - the traditional start of the UK diving season marked in time-honoured fashion by four glorious days of no work and lots of diving!

As always, we'll be open throughout the long Easter weekend - including Bank Holiday Monday - so make the most of the time off work with a visit to Vobster Quay. If this is your first dive of the year them Vobster is the perfect place to dust off the cobwebs and get both your kit and your skills sorted before you venture forth into the salty stuff. No one likes a spoilt dive due to a dodgy regulator or a leaky drysuit - better to discover the fault at Vobster than 5 miles out in the English channel!

Naturally we'll be putting on our signature smiles and will be more than happy to help you eat your Easter eggs so come on down and join in the fun :)

24-05-2016   10:55



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Fancy a dive this weekend? We're open through the bank holiday weekend - including bank holiday Monday - so why not pop in for a dip? As you can see from this photo taken today by pro photographer Jason Brown of BARDOCreative, the viz is pretty fabulous :-)

POSTED: 27th May 2016

Warm and clear enough for Freediving!

POSTED: 22nd May 2016

Cracking day for try dives on the VMS Sentinel RedHead. Perfect performance form the RedHead and some excellent diving from Karol Tokarczyk and Hannah Tokarczyk. Karol had a great dive, getting good buoyancy and trim on the RedHead straightaway, but real credit goes to Hannah, who on just dive 42 demonstrated buoyancy control on CCR that many divers would be envious of. Very proud to have assisted them towards the silent world. Cheers, Tim

POSTED: 21st May 2016

Viz and Temp report: It's been a while and the Sun has been busy, along with the zebra mussels. The surface temp is a whoppingly warm 14 degrees C, while viz in the shallows is 8m - the entire length of the 6m skills platform is visible from the surface today. Deeper, it's more like 6m and 10 degrees. At the bottom, still 8 degrees and surprisingly, 1m of viz. That's one metre more than normal, but mind the lakebed, or that 1m won't last. Cheers, Tim

POSTED: 17th May 2016

We're pleased to announce that [weblink] is back online! The IT geeks worked overtime to fix the issue - we did suggest 'switching it off and on again' but they didn't look amused.

POSTED: 13th May 2016

How's this for a simple AWESOME freebie! Those very nice people at Fourth Element will be giving away a FREE 20 ltr Dry Sac to each and every TEKCamp attendee.

Worth £18, this super-lightweight dry-sac features a roll top closure, ideal for keeping equipment dry thanks to waterproof taped seams. For more information on the full range of Fourth Element dive bags and accessories, visit their website at [weblink]

TEKCamp 2016 is set to take place at Vobster between the 11... [more]

POSTED: 11th May 2016

Thanks to all of you who have messaged us regarding issues accessing www.vobster.com. We are aware that it is currently off line - our very own 'IT crowd' is fixing it as we speak :-)

POSTED: 11th May 2016

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