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Whether you're a certified scuba diver or just starting out, Vobster Quay offers the perfect blend of great fresh-water diving, first class service and the warmest of welcomes - isn't it time you discovered the UK's friendliest inland diving centre for yourself?

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POSTED: 26th February 2015

Can you feel it? Yes folks, Spring is definitely in the air (well, sort of) and that can mean only one thing - our Thursday evening dives are all set to return this April.

The first evening dive for 2015 will be on Thursday 2nd April and with the sun pre-booked to dip below the horizon at 19:35 (the lengths we go to, eh!), it's a great chance to snag a genuine night dive opportunity and who doesn't love a night dive? With the lake cloaked in darkness, it's like a whole new dive - just don't forget your torch!

Running until the end of October - at which time we'll switch back to our current winter opening hours - there's never been a better opportunity to sneak in a post-work visit to Vobster Quay. With last divers and swimmers out of the water by 8:30pm, the new evening sessions will be open to swimmers and divers alike.

POSTED: 25th February 2015

Last week our latest newsletter went out to literally thousands of Vobster Quay visitors. Packed with news, features and insider info that you won't find anywhere else, our regular newsletter is a great way to keep your finger on the pulse of what's going on down at the quayside.

This latest issue contained something very special indeed - a 5 gas voucher to spend on your next visit to Vobster Quay. Whether you dive trimix, nitrox or plain old tyre gas, what's not to like about free money? if you're one of the many Vobster visitors that didn't receive our last newsletter then don't miss out - sign up today!

Signing up for our regular Vobster newsletter couldn't be simpler - just pop across to www.vobster.com and enter your details into the 'Newsletter sign up' box at the top right hand corner of the screen. Don't worry, we've made it really easy to unsubscribe too should you find the jokes in Tim's intro just too 'out there' to handle...



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Viz and Temp update:

It's still a steady 7 degrees, but the viz is certainly improving. The official verdict from the Plymouth boys yesterday was that it was lovely at 25m and a bit milky in the shallows. We can translate that into 12m at 25m and 7-8m in the shallows. It is certainly... [more]POSTED: 31st March 2015

An early Friday view of Vobster Quay Inland Diving Centre. Russ Fords manages not to add a light aircraft to the Lake attractions and can't quite reach the bacon roll we're holding up...
POSTED: 29th March 2015

Sentinel CCR try dives today for Cynthia Wallbridge and John Collins. Both showed an excellent level of understanding of the Sentinel as rebreather AND life support system, then put a solid effort in to master minimum loop for a stable lap of the 15m ledge with very good buoyancy control. A great start to a CCR journey, well done. Cheers, Tim
POSTED: 28th March 2015

There's only one way to check out the viz round the entire quarry - by DPV! A swift 40 minute lap of Vobster this morning reveals that the mussel spawn has settled almost everywhere and the viz is well on the way back to it's normal levels. This short clip of Howard traversing the far side shows him 3m from the wall and me 2-3m from him. The viz was easily enough to scooter at a good speed and this is the worst we could find! It's also good enough to admire the streamlining of Apeks valves and first stages on Howards twinset. Temp still a rock solid 7 degrees C. Cheers Tim
POSTED: 26th March 2015

Calling all clubs, schools and instructors! Don't forget our instructor discount scheme! If you're planning a visit to Vobster during the start of the dive season simply download our Group Booking Form from [weblink] , fill it in and scan it back to us to book your waterside parking, free instructor spaces AND save your students filling in paperwork on the gate. Spare students? Don't worry, we'll track them till you have enough for another FREE instructor space.

Get in quicker and cheaper! What's not to like? See you soon,

Cheers, TimPOSTED: 24th March 2015

Evening Dive Heads Up!

Thursday evening dives return in just 10 days time on 2nd April, running EVERY Thursday evening until the end of October. That means you can dive at Vobster from 0830am right through until 9pm if you wish. Evening divers can sign in from 2pm onwards.

Give it a couple of weeks... [more]POSTED: 23rd March 2015

Viz and Temp update: The viz at 20m is 12m, but the good news is the viz improving markedly in the shallows - it is currently around 3-5m, but clearing each day. Temp is still around 7 degrees, but still no colder than two weeks ago. Some optimists even reckon it feels a bit warmer! Cheers, Tim
POSTED: 23rd March 2015

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