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Whether you're a certified scuba diver or just starting out, Vobster Quay offers the perfect blend of great fresh-water diving, first class service and the warmest of welcomes - isn't it time you discovered the UK's friendliest inland diving centre for yourself?

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POSTED: 02nd February 2017

You want SUPERB VIZ? We've got it in spades! Check out this awesome photo taken only yesterday by pro underwater photographer Jason Brown of BARDO Creative - it clearly shows just how good the viz is in the lake at the moment! With the milder weather bringing the topside temperatures above 'brass monkey' to something all together more pleasant, isn't it time you joined us for a cheeky dive or two? Dust off that dive gear and join us down at the quayside...

POSTED: 10th January 2017

Vobster Quay Inland Diving Centre added 2 new photos.

Greetings from Antarctica! Yes folks, diving through the winter might not be everyone's Slush Puppy but for one Vobster staffer, the colder the better! And when we say cold, we mean ANTARTICA COLD!

When he's not looking after you all down at the Quayside, our very own Josh Yates moonlights as a dive guide for the good folk at Waterproof Expeditions who run trips to some of the harshest diving environments on the planet including - pictured here - Antarctica.

Whilst he's been down in Antartica, Josh was very kindly loaned one of the very first sets of Apeks' awesome new MTX-R extreme cold water regulators. As expected, the new regulators handled the harsh conditions in Antartica without so much as missing a beat so you can be sure they'll handle anything the UK can throw at them! Buy your set through our online shop - [WEBLINK]

POSTED: 18th December 2016

Vobster Quay Inland Diving Centre with Teddy Ng and 14 others.

This is what divers having a great time raising money for good causes looks like - 151 divers in the water dressed as Santa for the 10th Santa diving event at Vobster.

Huge thanks to everyone who participated and had such a great day - we'll have the final numbers on fundraising soon. Although we didn't quite match our own world record of 188 Santas, the totals of funds raised for the RNLI and Air Ambulance are looking pretty impressive so far!

Thanks also to all the donations to the raffle - we'll have some photos from this tomorrow for full credits.

Have a safe journey home and a great Christmas.

Cheers, The Vobster Team.

POSTED: 16th December 2016

Vobster Quay Inland Diving Centre with Otter Watersports Drysuits and John Womack.

Got your raffle tickets yet? The draw takes place this coming Sunday at our annual Vobster Santas event but there's still time to get in their quick and grab some last minute raffle tickets.

We've got another couple of wonderful prizes to share with you today. Otter Watersports Drysuits have donated not one but two of their rather wonderful - and rather colossal - deluxe Otter gear bags. This is a great bag if you boat dive and is made from an extremely tough plastic-covered fabric that can be wiped dry in an instant. It's perfect for keeping all your gear together and - of course - keeping your drysuit safe from accidental damage!

But what could possibly be lurking inside these rather wonderful bags? We're gonna leave that as a bit of a surprise - suffice to say that they're not empty - wink wink nudge nudge, know what we mean ;-)

Tickets for our prize draw raffle cost just 1 and every penny goes to the good folk at the Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance. You can buy tickets through the Vobster shop or over the phone - for telephone orders, all we ask is that you buy a minimum of five tickets and pay 50p to cover postage. Call us on 01373 814666 and buy yours now!

24-01-2017   12:12



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Last minute trip space: Mull 9,10,11,12 March MV Halton £400. Rest of boat is CCR,so really suits CCR diver. Any takers? Cheers, Tim

POSTED: 16th February 2017

LED Lighting in Technical Diving
Thinking about buying a new dive torch? Don't know your lumens from your LUX? Check out this very well written guide...


We stock a full range of dive torches to suit all budgets from some of the biggest brands including Light For Me, Halcyon, Hollis, Sea&Sea and more. Pop into the shop or visit us online at [weblink]

POSTED: 10th February 2017

Back in the Summer, Vobster hosted the H20 films production of an IANTD / TDI collaboration demonstrating the effort required for diver rescue. It takes physical effort and well practices skills.

No one likes ending up in this situation - make sure you are rescue ready for 2017 and dive safe please everyone.

If you would like a rescue refresher, just call.

Cheers, Tim

POSTED: 08th February 2017

So who's coming diving this weekend? The underwater conditions are superb at the moment - we're getting reports of 15m viz throughout the lake - so dust off your dive gear and join us for a dive or two - see you down at the quayside!

Photo credit: BARDO Creative

POSTED: 03rd February 2017


You want SUPERB VIZ? We've got it in spades! Check out this awesome photo taken only yesterday by pro underwater photographer Jason Brown of BARDO Creative - it clearly shows just how good the viz is in the lake at the moment! With the milder weather bringing the topside temperatures... [more]

POSTED: 02nd February 2017

VMS - Vobster Marine Systems
Upstairs at Vobster, in a room full of ingenuity, is....

POSTED: 31st January 2017

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